So many dramas, so little time. Along with all these dramas come my never-ending list of actor crushes. I would love to list them all down but that would probably take me about a week or so to write up. My love for all these actors knows no categorical limitations. I don’t care if the actor is young or old, tall or short, with a background in musicals or the catwalk – all I need is sizzling onscreen charisma and I’m yours.

So here I attempt to group my favorite Korean actors into convenient categories. Let the sorting begin…

1. The Idol Actor – A lot of people cringe at the thought of all these idol stars making their way into Korean dramas and movies, but not all idol actors are bad news. There are several handful of idols who have given acting a shot with successful results. World Star Rain, himself, is an idol who has made quite a name for himself as an actor, not just in Chungmuro but in Hollywood as well. Following in his footsteps are some of today’s hottest young stars, and my favorites have to be JYJ’s Park Yoochun (Rooftop PrinceI Miss You), Big Bang’s T.O.P (71: Into the FireCommitment), Beast’s Lee Gi-kwang (My Friend Is Still AliveMe Too Flower), and Seo In-guk (Reply 1997The Master’s Sun).

2. The Model Actor – Having models in our dramas is not a new thing. A lot of actors started out gracing catwalks and fashion spreads before hitting the screens. Stars like Cha Seung-won, Jo In-sung, Gong Yoo, and So Ji-sub first found success as models before being cast in dramas and movies. The trend of turning models into actors is far from over and the past few years has churned out quite a number of successful crossovers. And there’s no point in guessing who my favorites are. It’s quite easy. They’re all of your favorites too, you see: Kim Woo-bin (School 2013The Heirs), Lee Jong-suk (School 2013I Hear Your Voice), Lee Soo-hyuk (White ChristmasWhat’s Up), Hong Jong-hyun (Dating Agency: CyranoWhite Christmas), Sung Joon (Shut Up Flower Boy BandI Need Romance 3), and Ahn Jae-hyun (You From Another Star).

3. The Ahjussi Actor – It doesn’t matter how old they get, a hot man is a hot man is a hot man. It doesn’t help either that most of these men have kept fit, if not fitter now than they were 10 years ago, and have quite the chocolate abs to prove it. And the wrinkles, I actually find sexy. Don’t you think? I mean, take a look as some of my favorite ahjussis: Cha Seung-won (Greatest Love), Kim Seung-woo (Miss Ripley), Lee Beom-soo (Prime Minister and I), and Jung Woo-sung (Cold Eyes). There are several actors whom I love that I’m not quite sure falls under the ahjussi category quite yet (specially since I’m not a hormonal teenager but a rational adult,psych!) but would not be considered an oppa to a majority of k-pop fans. Actors like So Ji-sub (AlwaysThe Master’s Sun), Uhm Tae-woong (Architecture 101Equator Man), or Choi Won-young (The Heirs) are not quite old enough for me to call ahjussi, but are not quite oppas either. But they’re all gorgeous, nonetheless.

4. The Musical Actor – Loving music and loving dramas is one thing, but I’m also a huge fan of theater and Broadway musicals, and seeing all these actors in productions of Grease or Spring Awakening is just too much for my little fangirl heart. And I don’t mean actors who eventually found their way into theater. I’m talking about actors who started out in theater but now have veritable drama and film careers, like Joo Won (Gaksital,Good Doctor), Jo Jung-suk (The King 2 HeartsYou’re The Best Lee Soon-shin), Kang Ha-neul (MonstarThe Heirs), Lee Sun-kyun (Coffee PrinceMiss Korea), and Oh Man-seok (What’s UpThe Vineyard Man).

5. The Jailbait Actor – Unfortunately, there are a handful of child actors who I love that are way too young for me to even be looking at. Even more unfortunate, for me, is that some of them really don’t look their age. Take Yeo Jin-goo (I Miss YouPotato Star 2013QR3) for example. The kid is 16 years old but looks and sounds like a man in his 20’s. There’s no doubt that kid is going places. At 16, he’s already romancing 23-year-old Ha Yeon-soo in their sitcom where he plays a 24-year-old web developer. Although, technically not jailbait anymore, these kids are still off limits: Yoo Seung-ho (Arang and the MagistrateI Miss You), Lee Hyun-woo (To The Beautiful You)and that other Lee Min-ho (Rooftop PrincePrime Minister and I).

Sharing a little more of Yeo Jin-goo just so y’all better understand my frustration over this kid. 
He’s only 16 years old. I can’t even.

I feel like I’m missing out on a bunch of other actors, but only because I couldn’t find a category to fit them into. Actors like Park Ki-woong or No Min-woo or Kim Soo-hyun are not on this list. Maybe a new category should be made just for the likes of them? The Pretty Actor? But aren’t they all?

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‘I Miss You’, Yoon Eun Hye as Joy and Park Yoochun & Yoo Seung Ho meet

Lee Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye) returns to ‘I Miss You’ as Joy, leaving behind the painful memories of Lee Soo Yeon, the daughter of a murderer.

On November 19th, some of the still cuts from MBC Wed/Thu drama ‘I Miss You’ have been revealed as well as the preview clips on the official homepage.

Yoo Eun Hye returned as the confident designer Joy, and the hurt and abused young Lee Soo Yeon (played by Kim So Hyun) is nowhere to be found.

The preview also revealed the first meeting between Park Yoochun and Yoo Seung Ho as the adult Han Jung Woo and Kang Hyun Joon, exponentially increasing the viewer curiosity.

Some of the netizen comments on episode 5 of this highly anticipated drama include: “I wonder what’s going to change in Soo Yeon’s life”, “Could Jung Woo recognize Soo Yeon since she’s changed so much?”, “I look forward to seeing Soo Yeon, who has overcome such a painful past”, “Park Yoochun’s eyes are so sad”, “Yoo Seung Ho looks so handsome!”, and “Park Yoochun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho, all three of them are visual perfections.”

The 5th episode of ‘I Miss You’, in which the adult actors will now be taking over, will air at 9:55pm on November 21st.

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Three special things about new TV series Missing You

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You, which is drawing a lot of attention, will start airing on November 7. Before the series starts, we will talk about three special things that will make the series more enjoyable.

#1. Park Yoo Chun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho: Dream line up

Park, who previously appeared on KBS’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal, MBC’s Miss Ripley, and SBS’sRooftop Prince and received many favorable reviews, will play the role of a detective named Han Jung Woo, who still misses his first love. He is delightful but chases criminals like a fierce animal.

Yoon, who will appear on the series for the first time in one year and five months, will play the role of a fashion designer named Lee Soo Yeon, who is Park’s first love. She is always bright and confident in herself, but she is also hiding her sadness deep inside her mind.

Yoo, who turned into a representative actor among those who are in their 20s, will play the role of a charismatic asset manager named Kang Hyung Joon. He looks gentle but he seeks vengeance upon Han Jung Woo.

#2. Child actor and actress Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun

Yeo and Kim, who previously appeared on MBC’s series The Moon Embracing The Sun together, will play the roles of young Park and Yoon.

They will give emotional performances to live up to the expectations among the audience. They will also remind the audience of their fresh first love and enter its preliminary stages.

#3. Writer Moon Hee Jung and director Lee Jae Dong work together for the superb melodrama

The series is written by writer Moon Hee Jung, who wrote Can You Hear My Heart and The Last Scandal Of My Life. Producer Lee Jae Dong, who produced Thank You, will work with the writer together for the new series.

Their collaboration will bring wonderful love story into the small screen and capture the audience with scent of their first love.

The series Missing You is a classical melodrama about a man and woman who have wounded hearts from their first love. The first episode of the series will air on November 7 at 9:55 p.m.


Song Joong Ki, Park Yoo Chun, Joo Won: The 3 Actors to Watch in Their 20s


During a time when the more experienced actors in their 30s and 40s are hitting their peak, the actors in their 20s are also showing their prowess.

During a time when the more experienced actors in their 30s and 40s are hitting their peak, the actors in their 20s are also showing their prowess.

These three actors have successfully captured the hearts of audience members everywhere and have been very key in drawing ratings for their dramas. Starting with Jang Keun Suk, Kim Soo Hyun, Yoo Ah In, Lee Seung Gi, Park Yoo Chun and Joo Won, the actors in their 20s are poised to take the stage.

Song Joong Ki, Extends His Acting Range

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the hottest actor is Song Joong Ki (28). He is currently starring in KBS’s drama “Nice Guy,” playing the role of Kang Ma Ru, who has been betrayed by love and now is the typical bad boy.

Last year, he received amazing reviews in the SBS drama, “The Tree with Deep Roots” and this drama was his comeback after a year hiatus. He defeated all the worries that people had about whether he would be able to play a heavy role like this and is now known as an actor’s actor.

His challenge didn’t stop here. His movie, “Wolf Boy” recently premiered and he also turned people up on their heads with their assumptions that he would play just another pretty boy.

Many who have closely watched his acting say that his dynamic expressions and charming low voice is key to his appeal. He has a very big range, from comedic performances to these serious types of roles and even playing a wolf. He is constantly challenging himself and people are wondering what his 30s will bring.

Park Yoo Chun, No Longer An Idol

Park Yoo Chun, who first garnered attention with SBS’s “Rooftop Prince,” will star in MBC’s drama “I Miss You” which is set to air in November.

“I Miss You” is a love story between a man and a woman who have both been hurt by their first loves that left them heartbroken at 15 and Park Yoo Chun plays Han Jung Woo, who becomes a detective who is still unable to forget the woman who stole his heart. His first love will be played by Yoon Eun Hye.

Park Yoo Chun started his acting career with KBS “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” and was awarded the New Face award. He continued onto MBC “Miss Ripley” and SBS “Rooftop Prince,” solidifying himself as an actor in the industry.

He was able to pull of a comedic performance in “Rooftop Prince” and the way that he portrayed his feelings towards his counterpart Han Ji Min was incredibly real and very romantic.

Park Yoo Chun also dispelled any doubts about him as an actor and people are anticipating just how much of a change he will undergo yet again in his new drama.

Joo Won, Fast Growth As An Actor

Joo Won has proven himself to be lucky when it comes to ratings.

After many successful dramas including KBS “Baking King Kim Tak Goo,” “Brothers of Ohjak Bridge,” and now “Bridal Mask,” he has transformed himself into a very legitimate actor.

“Bridal Mask” was a very good match for him. He had to portray Lee Gang To and Bridal Mask in the movie and had to show two extremes of emotions in those two different characters. He warranted very positive reviews for his performance and shocked people with every episode.

He has been cast in MBC ‘Secret Male Female Story’ that will air in January of 2013. The drama will portray young intelligence officers who experience love, friendship and conflicts within their working environment.

Joo Won will play an agent who has always dreamed of being a secret agent and had had a very smooth life thanks to his wealthy father. He’s relatively positive about life and nice to people but faces many challenges once he gets into the organization of his dreams.

After “Bridal Mask,” Joo Won said, “I want to try roles that are appropriate for my age. I think romance is definitely the hardest thing ever but I have to try it now while I still can. Whether I can do a good job or not, I still want to try it.” Whether he will be able to bring his increased acting ability to the screen in the romance is still a mystery but viewers will be excited to see him when he comes back.

Source: KPOPStarz, Sharingyoochun, Song JoongKi Philippines FB Fan Page

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121014 Song Joongki, Park Yoochun, Joo Won-Scary Power of Actors in their 20s Whose Acting Career are Beginning to Gallop

Just like how the 30s-40s are the heydays of actors, the once faltering actors in their 20s are beginning to exhibit their vigor again.

Dazzling visual is a given, further using exemplary acting foundation, the actors in their 20s who have carved their place in the primetime dramas captured the attention of female audience, thus resulting in the effect of rising viewership ratings. Since the beginning of the year, from Jang Geunsuk, to Kim Soohyun, Yoo Ah In, Lee Seunggi, Park Yoochun, and Joowon, etc, it is expected that the power of the 20s be constantly exhibited.

– Park Yoochun, standing out as an actor, not idol

Park Yoochun (27) who has received the public’s love through SBS “Rooftop Prince”, will meet the audience in November via MBC Wed-Thurs “I Miss You” (Scriptwriter Moon Heejung Director Lee Jaedong).

“I Miss You” is a traditional melodrama that depicts a love story like hide-and-seek of a man and a woman who lives while embracing their wounds from when they were 15 year-old after being robbed of those first love memories. Park Yoochun portrays homicide detective Han Jungwoo, a man who cherishes his yearning for his first love and who turns beastly when chasing after criminals. Yoon Eunhye is being cast as Park Yoochun’s first love.

Park Yoochun embarked on his road as an actor through KBS’ “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. Winning a Best New Actor award with this drama, and the subsequent MBC’s “Miss Ripley” and SBS’ “Rooftop Prince”, solidified his role as an actor. The upright crown prince Lee Gak time travelled 300 years and arrived today, Park Yoochun acted the completely different daily tasks in comedic manner. Having acted only in gentle and composed roles, Park Yoochun demonstrated his comic acting. Also, his accurate pronounciation and alternating between strong and soft tones are a given, though his exquisite emotional expression are even more helpful to aid the audience to immerse into the show. Especially in the scene where he faces his beloved Park Ha (Han Jimin’s role) and was being honest with his feelings, he played out romantic to the ultimate, and captured the hearts of the audience.

In the end, Park Yoochun once again used his acting and completely eradicated worries like “Would it be okay if he takes the title role?”. Because of this, it is unsurprising that everyone is really excited about the love story to premiere in November in which he takes on the lead role. Just how much will Park Yoochun’s acting improve again in “I Miss You”, let’s anticipate.

(T/N: Parts unrelated to Yoochun are omitted.)

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JYJ personifies the vision of agency executive

JYJ performs for 4,000 fans at the Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile, on March 9. Provided by C-JeS Entertainment

Entertainment agencies usually aren’t established to salvage other agencies’ “dropouts,” especially those considered “rebels” by their former companies. But that is exactly how C-JeS Entertainment got started in December 2009.

And three-member boy band JYJ is glad it did.

“When I met the boys, I liked them as human beings,” says CEO Baek Chang-ju.

He then told the three band members that because of their rift with their former agency, they were to “start again.”

“I told them that they should have a mindset of starting from the very bottom, like a newbie, and they should never start over thinking they could start from where they were in terms of popularity,” Baek says.

Baek’s plan was to rebuild the band’s fan base from scratch, while at the same time taking JYJ in a new direction by marketing the members as individual performers, too.

Baek recalls when he first met Kim Jae-joong, Park Yu-chun and Kim Jun-su as “the worst time for JYJ.”

In mid-2009, the three TVXQ members who formed JYJ filed a lawsuit against their agency, SM Entertainment, arguing that their 13-year contract, the structure of their exclusive contracts and their profit distribution were “unilaterally disadvantageous.”

A blessing in disguise

Although the court affirmed their right to independently engage in entertainment activities and granted JYJ an injunction suspending their contract with SM Entertainment in 2009, JYJ lost the support of their professional networks and lacked the management experience to stand on their own.

Then they met Baek, a veteran of the entertainment industry, and C-JeS Entertainment was born.

With a new home established, the group set out to tackle its first task: releasing a debut album in English, the first K-pop group to do so.

Since then, JYJ has been in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for having the largest fan club.

The group has collaborated with the likes of Kanye West and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins.

And Baek’s initial strategy has worked to perfection, with the three members having as much success as individuals as when they are together as JYJ.

Rather than merely dabbling in acting when they have the time, the boys have worked hard to establish themselves as credible performers in a variety of genres.

Kim Jae-joong has the largest number of fans among all K-pop singers. This year alone, he has gone to China, Japan and Turkey, drawing thousands of people anxious to catch a glimpse of a third of the Hallyu act.

Just before his movie “Jackal is Coming” is released, Kim, voted the sexiest man alive by his fans in South America, will squeeze in another Asia fan meet tour by the end of next month.

Meanwhile, Park Yu-chun has made a successful transition from singer to actor. Having made his debut in the drama “Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal” (2010), this year he turned in an award-winning performance in “Rooftop Prince,” taking on the roles of two characters – a Joseon Dynasty prince and a modern businessman. As a result, he was honored by the Paeksang Arts Awards.

The third member of the group, Kim Jun-su, starred in the musicals “Mozart” (2011) and “Elizabeth,” and released a solo album – “Tarantellegra” – in May.

Their limited professional network in Korea was the main reason for joining forces with Warner Music in the United States, an unlikely and fortuitous move in 2010.

“It was a blessing in disguise, really,” says Baek.

About that time, YouTube really took off according to the agency, and through the interactive medium, the album was a huge hit with K-pop fans worldwide.

In Korea, more than 450,000 copies of the album were ordered before its release. And in the United States, Billboard ranked it as the fifth-most-anticipated album of the year.

Music heavyweights West and Jerkins promoted the band by saying the collaboration was “the most meaningful result among our collaboration works with Asian artists.”

As JYJ worked to broaden its base beyond the borders of Korea, it met with similar success in other regions. It became the first Korean band to draw a total of 210,000 people on a world tour when it performed in in 15 cities in Europe, and South and North America last year.

“Lots of K-pop artists and agencies are afraid to venture into new areas because you really have to prove your credibility to the local organizers, which can be costly,” Baek says.

But it wasn’t long before the group knew that the gamble would pay off. “When the boys landed in Peru, it was insane,” says Monica Lee, public relations manager of C-JeS. More than 3,000 fans were at the airport to greet them, with an additional 1,000 outside the band’s hotel.

From left: Kim Jae-joong in MBC’s “Dr. Jin”; Park Yu-chun in SBS’s “Rooftop Prince”

Building credibility

As JYJ looked to regain its footing as a K-pop group, the goal – as endorsed by the CEO – was to build a credible brand name, which was neither inexpensive nor easy.

“With all the bad press behind them, we worked toward creating an authentic image,” says Baek.

When the band’s gig in the United States was canceled because of visa problems, the agency offered full refunds and then held a free concert later.

“It cost 1.5 billion won [$1.3 million], but to prove to the fans that the band took its fan base seriously, we decided to do it,” says Baek.

“Most importantly, we didn’t want to lose credibility as artists in the U.S.”

While most agencies might not react that way, the decision by C-JeS goes back to Baek’s mantra that the group is in it for the long term. American promoters and industry insiders took note.

The bold move won more fans for JYJ and paved the way for JYJ to tap into the U.S. network.

“There was this talk among the cast and crew that JYJ were professionals.” No doubt this gesture and resulting props came in handy when Kim [Junsu] recorded his solo album and filmed the music video in Hollywood this year.

As pioneers in creating and distributing content, C-JeS maintains tight control over the band’s reputation by working with its attorney, Sejong, to monitor images of the band so that no pictures can be used without consent.

And because of its strict adherence to brand, or image, the band became a marketer’s dream.

“In a way, the less the group appears on TV, the more companies want to feature them in commercials,” says Lee, who oversees media activity. “Because the band was so hard to catch a glimpse of on TV and in magazines, in some ways it strengthened its credibility to advertisers.”

Currently, the band has group and individual contracts to promote cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, video games, duty free shopping and IT products.

Kim Jun-su in musical “Elisabeth”

Becoming “multiplayers”

“I’ve stressed from the beginning that in changing times, entertainers need to be versatile and try their hand at everything, and have always told the boys to try different things,” says Baek, who recommended acting for Kim Jae-joong and Park Yu-chun and musicals for Kim Jun-su.

“It’s really not enough to make DVDs from concerts anymore,” explains Baek.

He emphasizes that in the fluid environment of K-pop, C-JeS is out to fill the niche of being a “content provider.”

The head of the agency says he spends a lot of time conversing with the talent to give them freedom to explore new concepts.

Of the many things they’ve talked about, one is unearthing future talent, and late last month at the Los Angeles headquarters, an audition took place.

“But where it will go from here, we’ll take it steady,” says Lee, adding that the agency is not interested in churning out one idol group after another.

However, if C-JeS decides to be more active in manufacturing new bands, it certainly has all the facilities, one of the advantages of establishing a company for just one group.

For now, the agency’s roughly 40 employees are proud to call JYJ their main act and source of income. In a way, C-JeS believes it is leading the way as the group becomes a model for an “evolved form of an idol group,” moving on to bigger and better things.

Fan service like no other

Along with its exceptional quality control, C-JeS understands the importance of treating fans right.

In June, the band held a fan event titled “Membership Week” at a cost of about 3.7 billion won, according to the agency.

More than 7,000 Japanese were in town for “Membership Week,” which drew 22,000 fans from June 28 to July 1.

“We could have used up some of the space for advertising, but we just wanted the fans to experience JYJ and only JYJ,” explains Lee, who says that the agency says that it’s always brainstorming for a new kind of “fan service.”

“In a way, the band is the face of Korea for many fans of K-pop abroad,” says Lee. Many people have commented that a lot of South American fans, in particular, say they feel an affinity toward Korea because of JYJ.

As “multiplayers,” the band appeals not only to K-pop fans, but also to those of K-dramas, who tend to be older.

Giving back comes naturally for band members, who have consistently supported charities worldwide, often as a way of thanking fans.

From the beginning, Baek and the boys decided that the more the band earns, the more they would give.

Kim Jun-su, in particular, established a school in Cambodia late last year.

Credit: Carla Sunwoo, Yim Seung-hye []
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Yoon Eun Hye to Play Park Yoochun’s Heartbreaking First Love in MBC’s “I Miss You’

After almost a year and a half away, Yoon Eun Hye will make her comeback to the small screen with new MBC series “I Miss You,” where she will star opposite of Park Yoo Chun(JYJ). In the upcoming drama, she will take on the role of Lee Soo Yeon, the first love of Park Yoo Chun’s charter Han Jung Woo. They fell in love at the tender age of fifteen but had their love snatched away from them. They continue to live their lives, keeping their broken hearts hidden from the world.  ”I Miss You” is described as a traditional melodrama about the two as they undergo a hide-and-seek-like-love.

A representative of the production team stated, “Yoon Eun Hye is an actress who’s been recognized for her craft through various works. While she appears bright and driven on the outside, Lee Soo Hyun carries a deep pain within. We felt Yoon Eun Hye would be the best actress to portray her.” He continued, “We hope many people are excited to see Yoon Eun Hye’s transformation into a woman in ‘I Miss You.’”

“I Miss You” will replace “Arang and the Magistrate” on MBC early next month.

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