VIXX: From Boy Scouts in 2012 to Boy Voodoo Dolls in 2013 – Year in Review

  • VIXX Voodoo Poster
VIXX Voodoo Poster

VIXX started the year off with a bang when leader N tweeted I don’t want to be an idol…..I have to worry about cameras, managers;;; I can’t even date… It has to turn out well.. Ah I’m tired….. on January 3rd. Many fans were shocked until 3 days later when VIXX pre-released one of the songs from their upcoming album On and On. The song, “Don’t Want To Be an Idol”, is about the heartbreak an idol feels when he can’t be with the one he loves due to his status. However, to keep fans from suffering too much, VIXX then announced they had come up with an official name for their fans: ST☆RLIGHTS (Starlights). Finally, on January 17 the “On and On” single album and MV were released. Unfortunately, the MV was taken down later by VIXX due to ‘graphic content’. It was finally re-uploaded, in edited form, to VIXX’s official youtube channel in April, but by that time the promotional period was over. “On and On” was a much darker MV and than previous ones performed by VIXX but was received warmly by fans and non-fans alike.

On May 13 VIXX released the track list and teaser images for the title track of their first mini-album, “Hyde”. It was clear that the dark concept was being carried over from “On and On”, especially when the MV was released on May 20. The contrasting black and white outfits and opposing choreography during specific parts of the song showed off a creative aspect that had been slightly missing from the MVs released in VIXX’s debut year. This contributed greatly to the album’s popularity which resulted in a peak weekly chart position of 3 and a monthly position of 7.

On May 20th, in celebration of their first anniversary on May 24th, VIXX had a special fan meeting in Seoul. Fans around the world joined together in a massive project to donate rice wreaths in celebration. The numerous rice wreaths were placed at the fan meeting to show the international fan’s support. The total amount of donated rice was announced to be enough to feed 5000 underpriveledged children in Korea.

VIXX Releases Repackage Album Photos, 'Fresh and Natural'

VIXX Releases Repackage Album Photos, ‘Fresh and Natural’

In July, VIXX released teasers and a track list for their second mini-album, Jekyll, on July 25th. The title song for Jekyll, “대.다.나.아.너” or “G.R.8.U.” was released on July 31st and was a much more upbeat song than their previous 2 title songs and featured choreography by N. The MV itself continue to show off a creative side with VIXX performing the entire song backwards in a limited number of takes. VIXX’s popularity continued to improve, as seen by a peak monthly chart position of 3 and debuting on Bugs, Naver Music, and Soribada at number 1. To add to the excitement, 2 days before the MV release, VIXX staff officially announced the opening of the official fanclub which was to begin in September. Fans jumped at the news, especially when it was released that international fans were allowed to apply.

Official Poster

Official Poster

After seeing how popular VIXX was with overseas fans, in August Jellyfish announced a “Milky Way Showcase” tour that was to take place over October and November. This tour was in fact a mini world tour, with stops announced in Maylasia (October 20), Osaka (October 23), Tokyo (October 25), Stockholm (November 2), Milan (November 3), Dallas (November 8), and Los Angeles (November 10), followed by a Milky Way Finale in Seoul on November 17th.

However, before the tour began, VIXX participated in the Idol Star Championships, which were filmed on September 3rd. On September 4th, it was revealed that, while playing indoor soccer, Leo had injured his ankle. This injury kept Leo from performing with the other members for the G.R.8.U goodbye stages.

On October 5th, VIXX held the inaugural Fan Meeting for the official fanclub which required 2 separate meetings due to the number of domestic fans that had signed up. Unfortunately, even with each member performing an individual or duet stage, the events were slightly shadowed by the fact that Leo was still unable to perform with the other members due to his injury. Luckily it was revealed soon after that he would be healthy enough to dance when the Milky Way Showcase tour began.

VIXX collaborated on 2 singles with indie girl duet OKDAL. The two singles “Girls, Why?” and “I’m a Boy, You’re a Girl” were released on October 11th, with the MV for “Girls, Why?” being released the previous day on the 10th.

Not long after, while still finishing the Milky Way tour, VIXX again pre-released the song “Only U”, and respective MV, from their upcoming first full length album. The MV, released on November 8th, was a more mellow and slow song and was comprised of scenes shot just the previous week in Stockholm. This marked the first song released following Jellyfish’s agreement with CJ E&M Music to distribute its MVs and music.

November 20th saw the pre-release of the second song from the full length album. This song, titled “Voodoo Doll”, went back to the dark theme seen previously in “Hyde” and “On and On”. Due to its content, both the teasers and the original MV were given 19+ ratings. The official ‘clean’ version was released November 24th, a day before the album, titled Voodoo was released. VIXX also performed two separate choreographies for “Voodoo Doll” on music shows due to what was deemed ‘graphic content’. The original choreography portrayed the members miming stabbing themselves, and at times each other, with a voodoo stick, while the ‘censored’ choreography had them stabbing the floor instead.

VIXX after their First Music Show Win

VIXX after their First Music Show Win

But VIXX’s hard work paid off on December 6th when they won their very first music show. VIXX came in first on Music Bank by a large margin. Therefore, 10 days later, VIXX treated 300 selected fans to fried chicken in Seoul as they had promised. And just to make sure they were ending the year right, Jellyfish went and announced they would be releasing VIXX’s first special DVD in early 2014.

After going from zero to larger than life in 2012 & 2013, one can only imagine how 2014 will proceed for an amazingly talented group like VIXX

source: kpopstarz


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