1N2D brief recap


해피선데이.E416.1박2일 - 가사도 섬마을 음악회.121209.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[07-56-21]

No matter how much these guests complained about the rain and cold, how much do you want to bet they wouldn’t exchange this experience for anything. Not many old singers get to suffer through these conditions and end up feeling so close with 7 other guys so quickly. The hardships they endured are fleeting, but they will soon learn that the memory of this time together with the other members will last – hopefully as long as those songs they composed. As Jong said, “there is a warm feeling about 1n2d.” Amen to that. None of us have ever been on these trips, but we get to vicariously experience their fun with them. If we have this much fun just watching, can you imagine how great they must feel to get the opportunity to take part in person. I hope every minute of this trip is cemented in their hearts…

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