1 Night 2 Days: Episode 412

EPISODE 412. Broadcast on November 11, 2012.

girlfriday: The boys start a new trip with a cheesy sing-song opening, but Seung-woo saves it by going the extra mile and making it totally ridiculous. Go Seung-woo.

javabeans: It also sounds like the new nicknames are sticking. Or at least, they’re doing their best to make ‘em stick. I do love Sungchoongi, and Joo-Rodin. It cuts down two top game-players a bit, which I really think they needed in terms of just being more relatable and easy-going.


girlfriday: Yes, their characters needed some color, and well, embarrassment is really the backbone of a good variety persona. They note how cold it’s getting and do a roll call for long underwear, for some reason. Tae-hyun raises his hand and says he’s spending all his time flying on rooftops so it’s become a necessity. How practical. I’ll try not to think of it while you’re trying to be a badass.


javabeans: Bird PD explains today’s trip concept, which is the poetic-sounding “great inheritance.” To put it plainly, nature (our inheritance from the earth). I do love how he goes into this spiel about the grandeur of the vista and the beautiful mountain peaks, and Tae-woong just cuts right to the chase: “So… we’re hiking then.”

girlfriday: I think it’s Bird PD that lends to that kind of undercutting. I’m sure he’s a smart person, but it’s his delivery — it makes him sound like someone smarter wrote him a script, and he doesn’t really know what it means.

javabeans: Oh totally, and used hard words that he can’t say without stuttering. I freaking love how awkward Bird PD is. If you can’t be Na PD and can’t hold up to that comparison (you know, ruthless robot), then be his total opposite.

girlfriday: The boys confirm that they will indeed be hiking, and Shi-kyung fakes concern for Seung-woo. Are you thinking you’ll get out of it if he can’t make the climb? Seung-woo: “Well I can’t just quit and go home.”


javabeans: On the big map of the mountain course, there are two starting points, meaning two teams. The blue line is shorter, takes only one hour, and can be traveled “in just your regular shoes like you’re going for a walk.” For the red course, Bird PD says they’ll be sweating up the two-and-a-half-hour trek. They name them the Sneaker Trail (easy) and the Hiking Boot Trail (hard), but I think the colors say it all.

girlfriday: Red for pain and danger?

javabeans: Also for anger, blood, revenge, alert, stop… If these were dramas, blue would be Playful Kiss and red would be Gaksital.

girlfriday: And now I’m scared. Bird PD divides them into familiar OB and YB teams, only there’s a moment of confusion when Tae-hyun gets put on the YB team. Heh, there’s a skip in his step, all Am I one of the young’uns?

javabeans: Turns out the producers were wrong, and Tae-hyun’s an OB after all. They guys jump on the chance to wring something out of this and ask for compensation. Shi-kyung holds out his hand and demands 500 won, which is like 50 cents. It’s funny how Bird PD has no idea why, but he also has no objection so he just heaves a big sigh, like, “OH ALL RIGHT.”

girlfriday: HA, are they actually getting him to compensate for emotional damages? They could con him out of anything.

javabeans: But it only works if you catch him off-guard, because once he knows what it’s for he ain’t budging. He gives one team 200 won and the other 300, and Shi-kyung asks for just a little more because vending machine coffee costs 250. Bird PD: “If you keep your eyes peeled, you can find 50 won on the street.”


girlfriday: They get into their cars and Shi-kyung worries, “Watching the hyungs suffer and climb up the hiking trail while we take the easy road… will be great for broadcast, right?” Hee. I love his deadpan delivery.

javabeans: In the OB car, Su-geun wonders what the mission will hold for them. Seung-woo just sighs, “Don’t try to predict anything… it’ll be worse than that.” They arrive at the base of the mountainside to play their first game to decide which trail they’re walking today, and when Yoo PD says it’ll be timed in three rounds (fastest team wins), the young boys high-five and cheer — physical endurance games, they can do.

girlfriday: The first leg is a relay where they have to put on different articles of clothing and pass them on to the next runner. Problem is, the YBs start with Shi-kyung, and he can’t even get his ajumma flower pants on over his feet.


javabeans: Yes, his big… feet. He runs back later than expected with flower pants and gloves, and passes them to Jong-min, who has to then add more farmworker gear and pass them to Joo-won.

girlfriday: Dude, after Joo-won puts all that on, he goes in and finds a giant pumpkin to carry on top of his giant pail of water. Sure enough, he goes crashing down in about two seconds. Aw, if he spilled the water, is he out?

javabeans: This is so sad, and also really funny. I think it might still count, but the team has taken so long it may not matter.

girlfriday: I think it’s strangely the broom that puts it over the top. He finally reaches the finish line and does a pouty it’s-so-heavy dance.


javabeans: This gives the OBs a bit of time to strategize on how to streamline their process. I do think it’s an unfair game construction since the surprise factor was such a big part of the first team’s struggles, but when is this show ever fair, right? OBs win handily by a minute.

girlfriday: The next round is a human pyramid on top of a giant marshmallow-looking thing, about chest-height tall. The YBs are impressive with their 7-second pyramid, while the OBs struggle… but not by much, time-wise. They take twice as long but that’s only 14 seconds.

javabeans: The clock is cumulative through the games so by the time we get to the third one, the OBs are ahead by 45 seconds. The producer assures the YBs that it’s possible for them to make up the difference in this game. Sure enough, it takes a while. The game is to fling off your shoe into a tub set at a distance until someone from the team gets it in, and if you run out of shoes you just have to go back, retrieve them, and try again.


girlfriday: That’s gotta be the hard part. I mean, getting your shoe in the bucket is a long shot anyway, but in the meantime you have to keep chasing your shoes.

javabeans: Su-geun actually starts getting pissy (since he’s sitting this game out and is playing backseat, uh, shoe-thrower?) and yells at them all these instructions that basically don’t matter. Ha.

girlfriday: I love that he’s yelling, “Don’t hurry!” in this tone that totally sounds like, “HURRY!” I assumed this would go on forever, but Tae-hyun actually manages to get one in off the bounce, and the OBs do a four-way running hug in the middle of the field.

javabeans: The OBs win, which means they get the nice easy course today. I’m actually happy for Seung-woo, who always seems to get stuck with the shortest stick in these situations, working the hardest and getting fed the least.

girlfriday: It would’ve been too easy if the YBs won the speed game and got the easy hike anyway.

javabeans: They’re given food before the big climb, and that huge bowl of bibimbap has me hungry. At least it’s the same meal for both teams, though Shi-kyung says, “How can you just give us one serving?” One Shi-kyung-sized serving, that is.

girlfriday: His teammates had better eat fast if they want their share. The YBs head out first since they have the longer journey, though when the OBs get to their trail, they’re a little taken aback by how far their destination is. You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?

javabeans: The young boys are already huffing and puffing early in the trip, and meet lots of hikers who recognize them. Well, Joo-won and Jong-min, at least. Hee, Shi-kyung’s starting to get annoyed that he’s being ignored, or called the wrong name. He comments how they see Jong-min and immediately know his name, and gasp to see Joo-won and call him good-looking, and then see him and go, “Sung… you’re Sung…” Right afterward that exact scenario unfolds, which is uncanny.

girlfriday: Aw, poor Shi-kyung. It’s okay, soon everyone will be calling you Sungchoongi… which might be worse, but at least they’ll know who you are? It’s interesting to see that in this trio, Jong-min is actually the most recognized and most popular, because he’s been a variety star the longest and will be recognized by every small-town ajusshi and ajumma.

javabeans: They even hear the party behind them wonder loudly, “Who’s that on the end?” (Meaning Shi-kyung. Haha.) They practice their reaction takes to the mountain peak, which is cute and also terrible, but maybe that’s why it’s cute. Shi-kyung’s awed reaction is deemed straight out of a ballad, while Joo-won looks like he’s just discovered Antarctica.

girlfriday: I love that the old boys just take a squat and start bullying Bird PD for chocolates. Both teams are actually stopping for a trivia quiz, giving them a chance to earn another measly 500 won per question.

javabeans: Both teams play for pocket change, and so far they’re about evenly matched. Ha, when Joo-won doesn’t know an answer he looks like this lost child, like a kid in a mall looking for mom. Then the OBs pick up steam, and it’s hilarious how Bird PD actually tries to fake ‘em out by asking, “Are you sure? Is that your real answer?” It almost works and the other boys all reconsider, but Tae-woong insists on his answers multiple times, and he’s right. I want to see a shot of Bird PD’s pouty face.


girlfriday: Ha, how funny — Seung-woo sings this hilarious song for one of the answers and then insists the PDs edit it out, and Bird PD buys it back for 200 won. And then they get the evil idea to stage a fake quiz, all to see Sungchoongi’s bewildered face.

javabeans: My favorite part of this is how Seung-woo tells the silent PD, “C’mon, listen to us,” assuming he’s not game. Cut to Bird PD, who laughs, “It’s a good idea!” Although Tae-hyun’s fit of giggles is pretty great too. So they get to thinking up the questions, and when they can answer readily they complain that it’s too easy. The questions have to be super hard, so they can fake knowing them, so they can shock and unsettle Shi-kyung. Duh! Eye on the prize, Bird.

girlfriday: The two teams meet up and climb to the top to take in the view, and then Su-geun gets down to business. He says there’s instant ramyun on the line, so they might as well bet all their money on another quiz and have one team get to actually eat. Shi-kyung senses something’s off about Su-geun, but Jong-min gets swept up in it and insists Shi-kyung can beat the hyungs at a quiz. Trap laid.

javabeans: How does Jong-min look at his teammates and say, full of confidence, “A quiz? We’re definitely winning!” Did he forget how Sungchoongi and Rodin came by their names?

girlfriday: I know, and did they forget all about Tae-woong, Trivia Master? They line up to start, and Shi-kyung argues that it’s unfair 4:3, and picks Seung-woo to sit the game out. Seung-woo beams, “Do I seem the smartest?”

javabeans: Are you cracking up and cringing? How is the OB team — THREE ACTORS — so terrible at acting? They’re totally giving it away, being too eager and giddy. But Shi-kyung’s facial expressions make it worth it.

girlfriday: They’re terrible at hiding the con, but Shi-kyung is so upset at losing that he can’t see it. This is going to end in tears, isn’t it? So the OBs get their three questions and their prize money as planned, but here’s the part they didn’t plan out: how to tell Shi-kyung that it’s a fakeout.

javabeans: Right? Do YOU want to tell him what you did?

girlfriday: They’re walking away whispering, “He’s gonna be REALLY MAD,” and “Should we just let him find out on TV… alone?” Hahaha, they are so scared. Why didn’t they plan this part better?

javabeans: Because they got too excited about the funny. Hehe. I think even Bird PD’s a little scared. Why does this amuse me so much?

girlfriday: Meanwhile on the YB team, Jong-min jokingly tells Shi-kyung to bring his college diploma next time to prove that he really went to school, and Shi-kyung sighs that he drank too much in his twenties, ‘cause he doesn’t remember what he learned.

javabeans: At the snack area at the top, Seung-woo starts to offer the ramyun cups to the losers. What’s funny is that he doesn’t say WHY, it’s like, “Oh, this? I’m being nice.” Haha.

girlfriday: But there’s no such thing as a free meal on 1N2D, so of course they’re immediately suspicious.

javabeans: Seung-woo says, “It seems like you’d love to eat it.” And Tae-hyun adds, “Also, yunno, there’s the part where we cheated.” While the YBs are still blinking in surprise, he says, “The next answer is Silmido.” Haha.


girlfriday: Shi-kyung blinks about a million times like his CPU is still processing it all, and then turns to Bird PD in shock, “Bird hyung, were you that kind of person?” Hahaha. The OBs do the dirty rotten trick, and Bird takes the fall?

javabeans: Bird PD isn’t even good about asserting himself and just ducks his head sheepishly, saying, “Sorry.” He doesn’t even pin it on the guys! You know, it’s really fortunate that this bomb was dropped with the offering of ramyun, because what can Shi-kyung say with his noodles cooling in front of him?

girlfriday: I was just gonna say, it’s like they waited to soften the blow (and also distract) with food.


javabeans: Even as he’s eating, Shi-kyung is blinking madly, trying to process. He’s not even mad, he’s just so confused. “W-why… did… you do that?” He’s like, it wasn’t enough that they came on the easy trail, but you had to give them the chance to mock us too? He’s so serious. I guess it really was a triple-whammy for him: The bad trail, the mocking with food, the jab at his intelligence.

girlfriday: Now he’s all fired up and angry. “Now that I have food in my stomach I can think straight!” He turns to Bird PD with a scary, pissed-off look on his face, “What the hell did you do?!”

javabeans: I actually think this reaction eases the tension, because now he’s reacting. It was sort of nervous there while he was just sitting there. Now he’s back to his normal self and making bargains, saying that he’ll let his grudge go if the PDs buy him what he wants from the store. And Bird just plonks down the money. He totally reminds me of the Dad in the family who looks stern, but is actually totally clueless and just doesn’t want to make a mistake to upset the mystical balance of his family. It’s adorable.

girlfriday: And apparently all Shi-kyung needs to cool his fiery rage is a box of cookies to munch on. Hee.

javabeans: He’s totally back to happy again. Nyam-nyam, smiling and laid-back.

girlfriday: He adds bitterly that he’ll share his cookies, with everyone except Su-geun. Ha. They watch the sunset and then head to basecamp, where Bird PD tells them that one of the members has something to say. Su-geun can tell with one look that it’s Tae-woong, who’s facing them with a heavy expression. It’s so funny to watch him play up the seriousness since we know what he’s about to say. He starts in with the “I’m sorry…” and “I should’ve told you sooner,” which only points to one thing: quitting the show. Everyone freezes, and Tae-hyun starts to cry. Aw.


javabeans: It’s totally his delivery, the awkward, “I don’t know how to say this,” the sighs, the clenched jaw, the avoidance of eye contact… Now he’s all smiles and SO pleased with himself for the fakeout. And yeah, also for the whole marriage thing. Apparently he did talk about his girlfriend to the guys, but he had them all fooled, totally in the dark that they were at the marriage stage of the relationship.

girlfriday: I know this isn’t about Shi-kyung, but I feel like he’s having one of those is-everyone-lying-to-me days.

javabeans: Mind blown. It’s like one more shock and his blinking won’t stop ever.


girlfriday: The guys grill Tae-woong on his bride-to-be, and he says that his noona introduced them, and that he did propose, but without any fanfare — he just asked her to marry him in a parking lot. Fifty bucks says he mumbled it too.

javabeans: I love the way he laughs when he describes the proposal, and how he words it — like he knows he bungled his way through it. Then we get clips back to “bachelor Tae-woong” — eating expired foods and taking his mattress camping with him. Hahaha.

girlfriday: It’s so cute how red in the face Tae-woong is. He says he wanted to pull their legs a little more, but he looked at Su-geun’s face and had to spill the beans. Su-geun gets all teary-eyed at just the fake idea of Tae-woong leaving the show and says he can’t do that to him ever. Awwwwww.


javabeans: Jong-min gives a little speech on how Tae-woong, to him, is a really decent and affectionate guy he can vouch for, then tacks on quickly, “You can’t return him!” The others chime in on how the wife has to keep him till he’s busted-down and used up, haha. Tae-woong addresses the camera and speaks to his bride-to-be, telling her how he’ll try to be a good husband and how he loves her. He’s the happiest little boy ever.

girlfriday: *confetti*

javabeans: When we pick up again, it’s outside to do dinnertime bokbulbok. For added incentive (or maybe just torture), the meat is already cooking away on the grill, within sight. Ah, and they get a tantalizing taste. A tiny, pea-sized taste.


girlfriday: Oh, that’s torturous. Good one, Bird.

javabeans: It’s ball games tonight, from teeny ones to huge person-sized ones. There’s a Wheel of (Mostly Mis)Fortune all set up to decide various configurations of the game play, with one tiny sliver for “everyone eats dinner.” They spin… willing it to land on red…

girlfriday: But they land on Cans vs. Cannots. Drat, no easy dinner for them. Though I suppose we win, since we now get silly games.

javabeans: The Cans do a little dance of joy, while the Cannots… just stand there in dismay. Tae-hyun looks like he’s already lost, Seung-woo says they shouldn’t have had the taste to start with, and Tae-woong says, “I ate that a lot before,” as though he doesn’t care for it anymore. It’s hilarious to me, as the show points out, that earlier today the teams were almost in this same configuration, only with Su-geun switching sides now to join the Cans from the OBs. Yet you tack on the moniker “Team That Cannot Win Anything,” and suddenly it’s a bad thing. Go figure.

girlfriday: I like the math equation with Su-geun’s dancing face.

javabeans: The one that basically says that Su-geun makes them old but competent? (It’s OB – Su-geun = Cannot.)

girlfriday: Yup. Hopefully this time the Cannots won’t become a self-fulfilling prophecy. At least this meal will be played per round for a serving on the grill, as opposed to all or nothing.

javabeans: First is a simple round of who can keep a volleyball in the air for the most number of hits. The Cans win, and Tae-woong says, “It has lots of cholesterol.” They cast sad, longing looks at the guys who are eating. GUH I am starving.


girlfriday: I know, it looks crazy delicious. The next game is ping-pong-ball-spitting. It’s a distance game, so the one guy who spits it the farthest wins it for his team.

javabeans: Hm, I think the singers have the edge on this one, and all two-and-a-half are on the Can team (Joo-won has his musical background). In fact, I’m a little worried Seung-woo’s going to choke on his.

girlfriday: They actually make Joo-won sit this one out, and then Seung-woo goes first… and his ping-pong ball doesn’t even leave his mouth. Um…

javabeans: Haha, Su-geun tries this fancy backflip entry, but can’t even stand straight after that. So he revises, and does a vaguely shot-put-like entry.


girlfriday: I’m pretty sure it travels more sideways than forward. And then Tae-hyun goes, and manages a huge lead.

javabeans: Shi-kyung is last, and manages a huuuuge spit-shoot-whatever, but it bounces back. Phew, the Cannots get to eat!

girlfriday: Hahaha, and then while the Cannots eat, Joo-won tries it out, and blows everyone out of the water. I guess they picked the right guy to sit out.

javabeans: The Cannots are all, “Good job Joo-won!” because that doesn’t change the fact that they get to eat. Everyone congratulates Joo-won, but he’s wearing his grumpy I-wanna-eat-too face. Aw, is he getting pissy again?

girlfriday: It’s hilariously annoyed and grumpypants.

javabeans: Looks like a good episode next week, with a hide-and-seek mission that looks like a full-on war game, with walkie-talkies, strategizing, and intense hunter looks on everyone’s faces.

girlfriday: Whooo! Did Seung-woo say into his walkie-talkie, “Good, I’ll tie him up”?

javabeans: Stay tuned, folks!

credit: Dramabeans


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