[VIDEO] 121107 Yoochun in Yoo Seungho’s Poster Shoot for MBC’s “Missing You” (Eng Sub)


Yoochun appears at 2:00

Credit: t4rw3n
Shared by: JYJ3


(Yoo Seungho tells about drama “Missing You”)

YSH: Hello, I am Yoo Seungho, playing the role of Kang Hyungjoon in the drama “Missing You”. Nice to meet you.

[Yoo Seungho meets with Hyungjoon’s special prop, the cane, for the first time.]
[Practicing how to walk with it.]
[The character of Hyungjoon with his cane is completed with the help of the staff.]

Q: What kind of character is Kang Hyungjoon?
YSH: This is a character that started being evil from his parents’ generation. He is the rival of Jungwoo. Behind his mild smile, he holds a revengeful heart so he can be seen somehow like being very calm and cold. He is this kind of character.

Q: What kind of drama is “Missing You”?
YSH: While it can be seen somehow like a very warm and affectionate story of…

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