[VIDEO] 121107 Yoochun in Jang Mi In Ae’s Poster Shoot for MBC’s “Missing You”


Credit: t4rw3n
Shared by:JYJ3

[Partial Translations]

[The 4 leads are in a same place and enter now into shooting.]

[There are many things to prepare as it’s a large angle.]

[While the staff is getting ready, what the 4 leads are doing is…]

(Yuchun is catching a fly~~)
(Eunhye is talking to Seungho~~)
[What could they be talking about?]

YEH to YSH: Back when I was in school, I was told (by people) my (blood) Type was A. I feel like you’re Type A.
YC: Are you Type O?
YEH: *nods* but I really looked like Type A.
YC: You were Type O but you looked like Type A?
*YEH nods*

[And… In Ae is smiling at the camera~~]

[Now everything’s ready and they enter into real shooting.]

Photographer: The one behind~~~ The one behind the curtain~~~
Staff: But there is nobody behind the curtain…
YEH: Why are you…

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