[TRANS] 121105 MBC Interview with “Missing You” Cast


Q : Memories of First Love?
YC : Can’t quite remember the process, but I wanted to give my everything
MC : Seems you gave quite a bit? What did you give?
YC : …..Money? [LOLs]

YSH did not have the courage to confess and his first love was not quite completed

YC : There are only reason 2 reasons why men don’t confess. One, a pure heart so strong that he loses confidence, or it’s simply plain liking.
YSH : I belong to the first. [subs : hyung, you’re horrible TT]

The secret behind the uniform photos
YC : I didn’t wear them, it’s photoshopped
MC : It’s photoshopped?
YC : Anyone can tell by just looking at them [troll]
MC : You don’t like it personally?
YC: The face and the neck don’t look natural, but overall it’s ok

MC ask YEH how does it feel to fall…

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