[NEWS] 121105 Fan Clubs From 26 Nations Donate 12 Tons of Rice for JYJ Park Yoo Chun ‘I Miss You’ Press Conference


JYJ Park Yoo Chun fans have come out, once more, in full force to show their love for the star.

According to Park Yoo Chun’s C-Jes Entertainment fan clubs from 26 different nations came together to send congratulatory rice wreaths for the star at the press conference for his upcoming MBC drama, I Miss You with some 12 tons of rice donated in all for charity.

In addition, 2,160 charcoal briquette packs, 2,000 packs of instant ramen and 100 mango trees were also donated by fans as well.

C-Jes Entertainment thanked fans once more for their overwhelming love and support and ensured all the donations would go towards helping those in need.

Park Yoo Chun’s I Miss You premieres on November 7.

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment

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