[SCANS + TRANS] 121028 Park Yoochun ft. in Shanghai TV Magazine: “I Miss You”, In the Sad Autumn Times


 “I Miss You”, In the Sad Autumn Times

Howling autumn winds, drifting fallen leaves, the aura of sadness is spreading. Who are you missing? This is the positioning of the newest Korean MBC drama, “I Miss You”, in which Park Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye play the lead roles. “I Miss You” will be the drama that takes over “Arang and the Magistrate” starting October 31st (which has later been confirmed to start in November 7th). This time, Koreans are done with time travel, comedy and Gangnam style, they are returning to the traditional romantic drama!

“I Miss You”, The Reappearance of Korean-style Sadness

The evolution of Korean drama began with the early “Winter Sonata” sadness, the middle “Full House” cheerfulness, and to the recent “Rooftop Prince” time travel. Just as the audience thought that according to past trends Korean drama will continue with the theme of time travel, it…

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