Confession of A Chunsa Who Calls Herself Intelligence Noona, who attended Park Yuchun Asia Fan Meeting in Bangkok on 16th September 2012

I wanted to write a fanaccount of the Bangkok Fanmeeting. But after seeing Yuchun in person — my first time, I felt such a sense of calm, even surprising myself.

How people say he looks so much better in person? Definitely! A very handsome man with a very well proportioned body,. I did not witness the skinniness that is normally displayed in the computer’s pictures. Most of all, It’s not about his face, that gentle smile, his eyes, his sharp nose, etc etc there is this very special aura surrounding him that is just so captivating, you wouldn’t be least distracted by anything else when he stands there on stage.

The voice that haunts Yuchun’s fans all over the world, and for people who say he cannot sing…

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