[Interview] “I have never quarrelled with my girlfriend.”


Joo Won had a Q&A session where he took questions from fans and requests for songs. Below is the Q&A session which the MC posed to Joo Won

Q: What is your hobby?

JW: Drinking coffee, haha

MC: What type of coffee?

JW: American coffee

Q: What will you do when your girlfriend is angry?

(they got a fan up to act a skit and the girl really looked very angry with Joo Won)

MC: Ahhh….You really hate Joo Won-ssi?

JW: Looks like she really doesn’t like me ah? Haha

MC: Just like this, when your girlfriend is in a bad mood and wants to let it out…(what will you do?)

JW: Can I share my own experience?

MC: Your experience? Of course, we want to hear your experience

JW: We never quarreled.

MC: With your girlfriend???

JW: Yes

MC: How long was your longest relationship?

JW: Two and a half years.

MC: In that two and a half years, you never quarreled once?

JW: Not once

MC: Then why did you break up?

JW: Hmm… we just drifted apart…

MC: Then, what is your secret to having not quarreled.

JW: Understand her better

MC: Understand?

JW: Hm..That is, no matter what I will empathize with her.

MC: Wow….

JW: I like whatever she does

MC: Ya…..

JW: And also understand.

MC: A very warm-hearted man

Q: Oppa, when was your first love and first kiss?

JW: High School year 1

MC: Year 1?

JW: Yes

MC: It was a co-ed (boys & girls) school?

JW: Yes

MC: So that’s how you started the relationship?

JW: Hm..It was like that. My girlfriend was in the same school, she was an especially cheerful friend.

MC: Ah…People say that first love is unlikely to be realised. Did it?

JW: Ah? No.

MC: You didn’t have a relationship?

JW: No. I did have a relationship.

MC: You have a relationship?

JW: Yes.

MC: Ah. Yes. Let’s take a trip down the memory lane. What was your deepest impression?

JW: It should be because I was in Arts school, I took on the responsibility of being the director of a play. So the performance was my deepest impression.


Chinese translation: minidadalove on baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source:  이하린(나래) @ 1막1장

via: 1N2D


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