Joo Won’s ‘Crying Appearance’ Dance “It’s Dead Bitter!” Explodes With Charismajyu

Joo Won’s ‘crying appearance’ dance item became a hot topic.

On the 14th October, on KBS2TV’s Happy Sunday – 1N2D, Joo Won’s display of ‘crying appearance’ dance drew the attention of the viewers.
On this day, the 1N2D’s members had to fight for their lunch. The challenge was “ACTION Karaoke Game”. The rule of the game was to dance, at the same time drink the bitter ginseng tea and finally end with 3 somersaults for successful completion. Joo Won successfully drank the bitter ginseng tea and smoothly executed 3 somersaults. Each time he drained the bitter ginseng tea, Joo Won’s crying facial expression gave the viewers side splitting laughter.
After they watched Joo Won’s ‘Crying Appearance’ Dance, netizens expressed “Joo Won’s ‘Crying Appearance’ Dance was so cute”, “Yesterday I laughed so hard at Joo Won’s ‘Crying Appearane’ Dance that my stomach hurt” “I even thought of drinking the bitter ginseng tea.”
Chinese translation: 由米35 on baidu
English translation: mrdimples@soompi
Source: bntnews

via: Joowonies Pyong


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