1N2D brief recap


Watching it a second time, I found some really interesting parts so I will translate most of it. Not going to be many screencaps cuz JW had another “hat filled” episode. This isnt a drama, but SPOILER ALERT: There is MAJOR news at the end. Next week UTW is going to announce something to the guys. everyone thought he was going to say he was quitting 1n2d so they looked nervous and sad, but he said “I should have told you in advance so I am so sorry, but I am getting married.” so everyone dog piles him, but SG jumps on him first saying “I was so surprised” (cuz he thought it was bad news) and TH wipes his eyes and says “I almost cried.”  TW says into the camera:  I am getting married. Thru 1n2d I am telling everyone for the first time.” The preview shows him talking about how from the first…

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