Joo Won’s 11th October event at New World Department Store

The translation on baidu is not complete and only parts of it were done. Hopefully, the video with subtitles will come out soon as the interview was really fun. On this occasion, they apparently showed Video Letters from people like Lee Su Geun, Shin Hyun Joon, Eugene and Uhm Tae Woong who each asked Joo Won some questions.

11th October Joo Won on MC, Miss Lee’s(can’t translate full name) program. Joo Won started off by greeting the MC.  Then they show many Video Letters from various celebrities

1) What kind of person is Joo Won? 

Everyone agreed unanimously that he is good at aegyo but also quite serious.

Hyun Joon hyung said he is totally a maknae

Eugene said that when they were filming Baker King, she had thought that he would have a hard time adjusting to drama production environment, given his background from musical theatre. She was shocked that he adapted so quickly. Afterwards when there is time, will have a meal together.

2) What they want to ask  Joo Won:

Su Geun: “Once when they were filming 1N2D, Joo Won was late. When asked the reason, Joo Won said he had gone out with his mother, that’s the reason why he was late. How is it possible to go out with your mother for so many hours? What “mother” is that?”

Joo Won : “Member can think like this?….really…..of course, it’s my mother. That day, because filming for Bridal Mask had finished and I had not spend time with my family for a long time, I went out with my mother, my aunt and my aunt’s daughter. The 3 of us went for tea and had a meal together, that’s why I was late. I definitely did not go with other women. Su Geun hyung may have thought like this because Jong Min hyung obviously has a girlfriend with whom he will exchange messages when we were filming. But he will lie to other members saying it’s his mother, that’s why (Su Geun) is suspicious. But it was definitely not. It was my mother. Really.”

Hyun Joon hyung: “In Bridal Mask, you worked with Chae Ah and Se Yeon, in reality who would you choose to date?”

(MC interrupted that she would like to hear Hyun Joon’s answer, In reality, is this a question that Hyun Joon would like to be asked?)

Joo Won: “It’s still Se Yeon. When I watched Oohlala Couple, Chae Ah noona and Hyun Joon hyung’s kiss scene, I felt that Hyun Joon hyung was very sincere. This is the first time, I see hyung like this, so I cannot choose Chae Ah noona. Se Yong is very lovable, she makes one very comfortable. When the atmosphere on Bridal Mask set got very heavy, once Se Yeon appeared, everyone’s mood became good, she is a person who makes people happy and laugh.”

Uhm Tae Woong as usual posed a question that needed the MC to re-phrase and explain in order that everyone understood what he was asking.


His questions:

1) At a place where no one knows Joo Won…….

Joo Won: “Together with a girl whom I have fallen in love, I would like to spend the entire day, the 2 of us clinging together. (MC asked what will you want to do, requiring the entire day? Joo Won laughed as he let everybody use their imagination). Finally, he seized the situation and laughed shyly, saying: “Both are man and woman, as long as two are together, what will happen?”

2) Compared to Joo Won, which area is Tae Woong better in?

Joo Won: “Tae Woong hyun physique is really superb. When 1N2D members were having our baths together, I have seen *-_-*, Tae Woong’s body is really good.”

When the Video Letter finished, Joo Won was still talking about 1N2D, the MC asked Joo Won : “You like women so much?”

Joo Won: “Because I am a man. Although I have a child-like face, I am still a man. Ahjummas are seriously so cute, kekekekeke.”

MC: “When you were filming 1N2D, did the members talk about topics regarding female celebrities and women?”

Joo Won: Recently we talked quite a lot about “Secret” and how beautiful “Sistar” is.


Chinese translation: m217tw on baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: fan’s account on DC

via : 1N2D


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