1N2D Brief Recap

Our boy should have a new nickname – “porcupine.” His hair is so sharp, the other guys were complaining about it. SW says JW’s hair kept poking him. JW was proud of it and made a victory sign. JW had some cute scenes and you can really see all the love he is getting from his hyungs.

While the guys were waiting for TW, they were all grumbling about how hungry they were and asked for food. SG said it was too harsh to make TW work this much over that one game. SW says why give TW such torment over that. JW added that game only took 30 secs and SW agrees saying one of us could have been caught. SK called his mom to ask how to make that crab soup and SG jokingly pretended he was SW and JM as well so SK had to tell his mom that was all SG. SG took the phone away from SK to ask his mom “even at home when you dont feed SK, does he get mad at you?” she said no SK doesnt. SK took the phone back and thanked her.

while washing rice, JW says “if you wash it too hard the taste goes out. didnt they say washing your face with the water from washing rice is good for your skin.  no I cant do that – from now on I am going to show manly sides.” he quickly adds ”a while ago when I caught that bug, it should have been recorded.” (guess he caught it off camera so now he thinks that was a wasted chance to show his macho side- so cute how he said that, but I think we all know the ship has sailed on that one). Everyone said how great SK did cooking cuz it was so delicious. even the staff. plus JW’s rice came out well too.

For sleeping BBB they had to play a round of games. 4 guys who win get to sleep indoors and rest sleep outside. JW’s sharp hair gave him the advantage in the head pushing game.  SW had to call a time out cuz JW’s hair was so bristly. everyone touches his hair and agrees. SW says how sharp it is. JW beat him easily, but TW was too determined to win and sleep indoors so he just shoved his way to victory like a bull.

right before JW slept, he waved goodnight to TH and TH blew him a kiss and JW blew him a kiss back. there goes his resolve to be manly.

also JW slept between SK and TW and as SK got under the covers he remarked how many women would envy JW. “no not JW – me cuz I am going to hold onto JW and sleep. Gaksital is mine.” after the lights are turned off, SK says “JW is really cute. he fell asleep right away. he is snoring softly.” SK rubs JW’s tummy and says “he is really a baby” so TW rolls over and does it too so SK pushes his hand away from JW saying “hyung go over there- I am going to raise him” so that makes JW wake up laughing. (A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E)

Sorry but I have to keep this recap very brief cuz I came down with a cold and my head is spinning too much tonight. Thankfully most of the games were self explanatory. JW sort of did poorly on the quiz games again and TW did pretty well. cuz he learned his lesson on that fishing boat about not losing anymore. In the end, JW’s team won and got to leave early for home while the rest had to stick around and do some sightseeing to record for the audience to fill up the time leftover.

credit: Soulsrebel





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