“Rising Rapidly Like The LTE” Asia Today’s interview

“Rising Rapidly Like The LTE” Asia Today’s interview

Joo Won debuted in 2010’s Baker King and following closely was Ojakgyo Brothers. In KBS Bridal Mask, he has also become the charismatic lead who guarantees ratings. Not only in dramas. In Happy Sunday’s 1N2D, his aegyo maknae image has also won much popularity. In Seoul Yeouido Asia Today’s editing room, we meet with Joo Won. Although he looked a tad tired, we can still see the upright youthful image that he portrayed in the drama.

3 Hits all home run? He did very well in each and every drama that he starred in.

“My luck is very good(laughs). After I discussed each drama with my agency then I made the decision. My attitude is not to have regrets in whatever you do, just put in my very best to do it, I will not think of anything else(laughs).

Park Ki Woong said your growth as an actor is shocking.

When I go to the film set, besides Park Ki Woong hyung, all the sunbaes were there. From them, I learnt a lot from their various strengths. I do feel that from this drama, I was able to grow.

Do you sense your popularity? Everywhere, there are people who cosplay Bridal Mask

The age range of fans have widened. Previously, the majority were all fans of my mother’s generation. Now it’s junior, middle and high school students who recognize me. Often, I would hear someone shouting “Oppa!” It seems like I have become an idol(laughs)

Do you feel that it is a heavy burden being Bridal Mask’s One Top?

This production cost 100 million and it is perfect in every way. The only weak link is having me as the lead. So the burden felt very heavy, I thought if everything was good then if it turned out bad, it is all my fault. I didn’t sleep well and mentally I became highly strung, among other things, I also became very sensitive. Every day I will check the ratings. Perhaps this is the responsibility of the lead actor.

Through Bridal Mask and 1N2D, set the image of Patriotic Youth.

“This is a title that makes one feel embarrassed. If I had done anything for my country then I may be able to accept it but I only starred in these two projects and I received such a title. I only saw the magnificence of Bridal Mask that’s why I made the decision. I only learnt of other actors’ reasons for rejection during the press conference. It was something I never thought of.

The personality seemed to be the very quiet sort. But sometimes it can suddenly change to become aegyo

I am definitely not the type who will speak first(laughs). I will not talk continuously. When I am with my friends, I am the one who listens. If friends have anything that upsets them, they will look for me. I am this type of person. But occasionally I will play aegyo. Recently on 1N2D, I often play aegyo wth the hyungs. Seung Woo Hyung is 87th batch and I was born in 87. Being friends like this, Seung Woo hyung was also able to accept. He always cares for me and I am very grateful to me. It’s not because the camera is rolling, that’s why we are like this.

Acting in both Bridal Mask and 1N2D at the same time, wasn’t it tiring?

Not tired(laughs). Although in Bridal Mask filming, I could sleep during the travelling, if my luck is good in 1N2D, I will be able to sleep for a much longer time and also I will be able to eat a lot of delicious food. 1N2D was like going on a holiday, travelling with people you are close to and having rest.

What do the Hyungs in 1N2D mean to you?

Hyungs to me are like a strong closely knit family. Appearing for the first time on a variety show was very stressful. Just opening my mouth was difficult, I had a lot of worries. Hyungs told me “ Just be like this and you will adapt.” Meeting hyungs was only once every 2 weeks but it felt as if we meet each other every day. Everyone will gather and chat on KakaoTalk. (Kim) Jong Min will always wear beautiful clothes in his photos(laughs)

Who gave the most advice?

(Lee) Su Geun is the most skilled. He will always say “You do well, 1N2D will also do well. Just be a bit more relaxed when you talk and you’ll be fine.” Su Geun hyung always takes special care of me, letting me do things. I cannot speak like this, aye……all the hyungs treat me really well(laughs)

What you will like to do in your next project?

“Up till now, I have been portraying characters older than myself, most of them are serious dramas or family drama. I will like to act for the first time, a character that is closer to my age. A relaxing, sweet ……and romantic comedy.”

Chinese translation: minidadalove on baidu
English translation: mrdimples@soompi
Source: Asia Today

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