[Interview] “5 Words Talk” and more

Q1: Bridal Mask is?
JW: My new discovery
Q2: What’s the Joo Won’s main charm?
JW: Can I say it like this? A child’s perspective.
Q3: What do you want to do during Chuseok?
JW: Spend it with my family
JW: Hi readers of Hankoki News, I am Joo Won, I am very happy to see you all.
       Today I have come to Hankoki for an interview, it’s a very meaningful interview.
       It made me think of Bridal Mask again, it was a very enjoyable time.
       Please continue to support Hankoki News
       I will also do so. I will greet you again with a good project. Thank you

For this Chuseok festive season, actor Joo Won greeted the readers of Hankoki News using 3 lines of poetry. Recently, he has appeared in the recently ended KBS Bridal Mask, acting as the “Super Hero” Bridal Mask who brings comfort and hope to the people of Joseon during the Japanese Occupation.

In the drama, he was sweet beyond words towards the woman he loved and he was so evil as the Japanese lackey that people wanted to beat him up, and wearing the Bridal Mask he was the hero that would condemn those who were pro-Japanese. Displaying all sorts of charm, drawing the audience to him, we met at the Hankoki editing department on the 25th. Debuting in 2006 with the musical “Altar Boyz”, appearing in the 2010 drama Baker King, as an actor he grew rapidly. But he still displays that shy smile. We can say that compared to a stone that glows, he is more like a pure gem. We ask about his acting life in the past and his plans for the future.

This year Chuseok and your birthday falls on the same day, do you have any special plans?

In these recent years, I have been filming and unable to spend Chuseok with my family. But this year, I will like to spend it with my grandpa, grandma and relatives, eating songpyeon and pancakes(this one not sure). I would like to spend it happily like this. Although it is my birthday, the atmosphere of a festival is more important and better.

Compared to your earlier projects, the audience age range for Bridal Mask has expanded and how about the fans?

Compared to the past, it seems like there are many younger fans. Looking at the Fan Club, ages range from 3 years old to elementary school, junior school and high school. When I walked on the streets and get recognized by children, I am also amazed.

Bridal Mask’s filming lasted more than 6 months till September, what was the most difficult thing you face?

Not being able to sleep was the most painful. There were a lot of ACTION, explosives and shooting scenes, a lot of time is required. So working through the night became almost a daily affair. I did not sleep, my digestion was also bad but because my physical strength was good, friends gave me a nickname “X horse” but towards the latter half, I almost collapsed.

There were probably many times you felt like sitting slumped onto the floor?

Although I was very tired, filming was very interesting.  I never thought of giving up, I was also very close to the staff so I chatted and joked with them. Playing with them also recharged me.

In Happy Sunday-1N2D you shed tears when you went to Dokdo.

As long as you are Korean, everyone had the same feeling. I only say “Dokdo is our land” but I never thought of visiting the island or take any concrete actions. It made me feel very apologetic. Dokdo looks lonely. If you go and see, you’ll know what I mean, there will be a stirring of certain emotions in your heart.

In 1N2D, you grew a lot closer to your sunbaes; did it help you in your acting skills in a special way?

Mainly it was with (Kim)Seung Woo Hyung  and (Uhm) Tae Woong Hyung that I discussed a lot about dramas. “For this type of drama, what is the main focus?” Discussions like these were very helpful. In Variety, (Lee) Seun Gun also gave a lot of help. No matter what you say, he will be able to respond, and he is the hyung whom I am very grateful to.

You are promoting your album in Japan on the 10th October, as the main actor of Bridal Mask, will it affect your activities as a singer?

On Twitter, I read that many Japanese fans were saying that Bridal Mask is very enjoyable. Those people are not anti-Korea, they just simply like to watch my acting. Also, I will not have the burden of anti-Hallyu stars. I will just concentrate on the activities of being an actor and singer.

Do you feel the pressure of having to enlist?

No matter what, I have to go, I will not be stressed over it. I will enlist with a light heart and work hard concentrating on army life then after I leave the army, I will start afresh. I will enlist in 3 years’ time.

When did you start to dream of becoming an actor?

I started during junior school 3rd year. When I faced people, I could not even speak properly, I was also extremely introverted. So, I told my parents I would like to join drama. When many people heard me speak and applauded me enthusiastically, it was that joy that made me want to be an actor.

Then did your family object to you becoming an actor?

Needless to say, my parents were very against it. But I told them that I could eat instant noodles every day. This showed how passionate I was about acting.

If you are not an actor, what will you be?

I don’t seem to be able to do other things. As long as I can immerse myself in it, even if I am not able to sleep and yet be happy, I think it’s only acting.

Movies, dramas, musicals etc. you have tried it all. What do you like best?

This is like asking “Do you love your mother or your father?” A very difficult question. In musicals the audience is right there, in front of you, if you are able to show a genuine appearance, it will be very good. Dramas were able to give me a breakthrough in a short time. I was able to be very focused during movie filming and that was also very good. No matter how I think it through, I am unable to pick one favorite.

Chinese translation: minidadalove from baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: Hankoki News

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