Ju Won will be throwing off his secret identity as a traditional superhero to become a good-looking secret spy.

The actor has been cast for the male lead named Gil Ro in MBC′s upcoming The Secret Lovers. The drama, set to air from January 2013, will be a drama about how the lead spy couple, with hidden identities, will fall in love. It gained its motif from the spy couple of the film 7th Grade Civil Servant.
Gil Ro is a man who always wanted to be a spy ever since he watched the 007 series when he was little. He is a kind, affluent and stylish man. He finally makes it into the National Intelligence Service, but is hit with many difficulties soon after.

Ju Won plans to show off his own charms while acting out this spy who is not that slick and talented from the start; he will be a spy that matures through conflicts and mistakes. It will certainly be a transformation from the cold and strong charisma he donned for his previous piece Bridal Mask.

Fans and viewers are looking forward to whether Ju Won will be able to continue the winning streak he′s enjoyed with the successes of Baker King, Kim Tak GooOjakgyo Brothers and Bridal Mask.

A rep from the drama′s production company Apple Tree Pictures said, “The Secret Lovers is our first project with the original writer Cheon Seong Il, and took two years to put together since our first meeting in the spring of 2010. We′re especially looking forward to the role Ju Won will play as the lead. You will be able to see his stable acting along with sides of him you′ve never seen before.”

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min


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