Part 2: Relationship with Hyungs is very good. Nickname: Hyung Lover



Relationship with the members of 1N2D is very good

“I go to the filming with the mindset of play, I was very happy. After filming ends, we’ll gather for a meal, this is not the same as the first season. I heard that in the 1st season, they will go home immediately after filming. But in this season, we will always gather for a meal at the place where we finished filming. The time will be around lunch, will really drink a lot, mainly because of Shi Kyung. The night before we’ll already start to think what shall we eat the next day.”

Do you grieve that you cannot hold your alcohol?

“Last year, I went with my agency staff for a meal. At that time, our company’s Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Sung Sik and other sunbaes all came. I was determined that before the night progresses, I will become closer to them. However after drinking 2 glasses of soju with Uhm Tae Woong and XXX, I forgot everything that happened. When I woke up at home and opened my eyes, it was not even 9pm. It was really ridiculous. I didn’t even get to eat a single piece of meat at the dinner(laughs)”

– In 1N2D, who is the most popular?

“Chae Tae Hyun, Uhm Tae Woong, it seems like men or women, young or old, everyone loves them

– When you were picked to be a member of the 2nd season, weren’t you compared with Lee Seung Gi from season 1?

Yes, I just had to find my own rhythm, gradually carving out my role & image. Luckily in 1N2D, there seems to be viewers who like my appearance(image). During the filming of Bridal Mask, there were elders who shout out “1N” and interrupted the filming quite a number of times. They will keep shouting “1N” and wait for me to shout “2D!”. It was kind of embarrassing.”

Because you got along so well with the Hyungs, fans nickname you “Hyung Lover”

“Yes. I am the type who get along very well with hyungs. My personality is like a child. With younger ones around my age, I will be more serious. But that’s not suitable for me. With my elder brother who is 5 years older, our relationship is extraordinary. Before Hyung got married, whenever I had a break I will always spend it with my Hyung, our relationship is very close.”

In high school, you were always the first, known as the down to earth youth

“When I was in X Arts High School, I was always the top in school and it was also the same when I entered University. Whatever I asked the hoobaes to do, they will do. When they did well, I will treat them well, I am this type of sunbae. I even punished my schoolmate hoobae Uee, she still remembers to this day.”

During this break after Bridal Mask ended, what left you with the deepest impression?

“I was Nyongsim Noodles spokeperson. At the fan autograph event, there were 3,000 female fans. It was the first time, I was surrounded by young female fans. Wa, very satisfied. (laughs)”

In 10 years’ time, what will have changed?

“Ten years later, I may be a “Star” or I may be an “Actor”. If I could be like Lee Byun Hun sunbae and become an actor with a unique star quality, that will be good. I will work hard to become a good actor and try not to change too much. Not long ago, friends told me “You are still our friend, it’s really good.” When I heard it, I teared. I hope I will not lose my original aspiration.”

When Joo Won was a musical actor, he singlehandedly acted in more than 150 shows without any problem. Without double casting, he performed in 150 shows, this was proof that he could managed himself. It was also true during this interview, could feel his unique honesty. Drinking and casually chatting, it was not the run-of-mill interview, I cannot detect any pretentiousness on his part, he was sincere. When facing the camera, even though he was shy, he will smile happily, creating a good atmosphere. It’s just like his own dream, I can truly believe that he will become the perfect actor possessing special star quality.

Chinese translation by minidadalove @ baidu
English translaton by mojobobo @ soompi

via: Joowonies Pyong


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