Part 1: Joo Won – “My style? Compared to Uee, I prefer Jin Se Yeon.”



As long as you have some acting skills, you can be called an actor. Ordinarily, for those who possess the star quality, there are many who slowly disappear from the scene along with their declining popularity. From this perspective, Joo Won is extraordinary.

Not only does he possess a tall height, sharp jawline, strong eyebrows, big eyes another qualities a star should possess, it is difficult to find another actor int eh same age group who possess the solid acting skills Joo Won has. Debuting through musicals, Joo Won amassed experience and and honed his ability to sing and dance. With exceptional athletic abilities, he even manages to perfect his action scenes. Not only is he a star who is loved by many young fans, his other qualities have received attention.

In Baker King, Ojakyo Brothers and Gaksital, Joo Won has received widespread support from the audience. He has managed to show his steady acting and had become an actor known by all throughout the nation. In Gaksital, Joo Won was the ONE TOP actor who led the production. He danced, he sang, he performed his own action scenes and also cried in grieve – Joo Won showed his many styles and charisma to the fullest. His first 2 dramas received high ratings, becoming national dramas. Gaksital garnered more than 20% ratings and was also first among all the other dramas in its timeslot.

The continuous success brought him energy but yet Joo won never changed. He still had the same shy smile and humble attitude. One can say that this guy almost doesn’t drink at all. In Drunk Talk, it was evident that Joo Won’s personality was one which doesn’t reject. On the day of Drunk Talk interview, Joo Won boldly picked whiskey. Since he wasn’t able to drink a lot, he put ice into the strong liquor and slowly enjoyed it. While the reporter had drunk 3 to 4 cups of whiskey, Joo Won only had 2 to 3 sips.

Receiving continuous daebak reactions but still making sufficient preparations for failure

– Weren’t there a lot of stars who rejected acting in Gaksital? What were you thinking when you decided to participate in the drama?

“My mentality seems quite simple. I only read 4 episodes of the script and I then made the choice to participate. First, the script was very meaningful. Also, many people have told me good reviews about the manga/manhwa, so I thought I had to try it. Actually, the hallyu stars were worried about their activities in Japan so they declined. I only found out about this later. Before that, I never thought of such consequences.”

– This is the first time you are taking on the position of ONE TOP actor. It must have been a huge burden.

“My biggest worry was what would happen if I was the cause of any problems or bad consequences. When the drama first aired, the competing dramas had So Ji Sub sunbae and kim Sun Ah sunbae but I didn’t even had time to think that far. My entire mind was preoccupied with worry and thinking “I am the lead actor”.

– I heard you did a lot of your action scenes.

“As filming progress, I did more and more of my action scenes. have always liked exercising and have been very interested in action scenes so it seemed that the martial arts instructor had high hopes for me. Honestly speaking, at the start I was afraid of being strapped to the wires [for those flying/jumping scenes]. I was so scared but when we started filming, I looked at Se Yeon and she was fearless and did her wire scenes very well. I felt embarrassed of myself so I gave it my all [laughs]“

– With your continuous successes, you must be feeling a lot of stress for your next project.

“There surely will be a time where I fail. So I always prep myself mentally. It’s just impossible that everything will be smooth sailing forever right? When the time comes that I don’t do well, I must not let myself feel too down and must be able to pick myself up again!”

Compare to Uee, Jin Se Yeon is my style

– Amongst all the actresses you’ve worked with, did you have any feelings for them?

“Definitely. It would be weird if you didn’t. But you have to manage those feelings well and adjust your own feelings. This is an actor’s ability.”

– What did you think of Uee when you were acting in Ojakyo Brothers?

“Immersing myself into the character’s feelings, in reality there was also good feelings towards Uee. In those circumstances, if either Uee or I had the determination and made a choice, it was possible that we would have become a couple in reality too. [laughs]“

– Let’s try one round of Ideal type world cup. if you had to choose between Jin Se Yeon and Uee, who would be better?

“If I had to choose between the two of them, I will pick Se Yeon. Although Uee is very pretty, Se Yeon has a brighter and more cheerful personality. She was always smiling and laughing on set. She’s a child who will infect everybody with the Happy Virus. I feel that compared to the fox, I prefer the bear. Se Yeon is a friend who is just like that. Se Yeon never hides her feelings. As long as she likes someone, she will always be very nice to that person. But then if I call her a bear, I think Se Yeon is going to be unhappy “

– Even if it’s not like this, Gaksital fans have seen reports such as ‘Joo Won and Jin Se Yeon are dating’.

“Ever since the time I started doing musicals, people have constantly said that I and my co-star were very compatible. There were even reports of us dating. It seems that I am the type that will be said to have become a couple with my co-star no matter who it is haha. [He means to say that he seems compatiable with any actress hahaha]

– When was the last time you were in a relationship?

“When I was 20, turning 21. My last relationship was with a senior in school. [older women?!?!?] After that, even if I wanted to be in a relationship, I had no time and energy to do so because my full attention was on my work. I really dislike the feeling of things being ambiguous.” [He means that if he doesn’t have time to fully invest himself in the relationship then he won’t try to still be close with the girl because feelings will be ambiguous and he dislikes that.]

More to come but I’m busy and tired, will edit post later and indicate that it’s completed.

Chinese translation by minidadalove @ baidu
English translaton by mojobobo @ soompi

via: Joowonies Pyong


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