Park Yuchun confirmed for MBC Drama ‘I Miss You’

Yuchun Park returns to Drama – cast in <I Miss You> as a police detective

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JYJ Yuchun Park is coming back to drama, MBC WED/THU <I Miss You>, written by Hee Jeong Mun and directed by Jae Dong Lee.

C-Jes Entertainment, Yuchun Park’s management company, announced that “Yuchun Park has decided to take the role named ‘Jeong Woo Han’, the male leading role on the drama <I Miss You> which is due to be aired in November”, on its press release on Sep 25.

<I Miss You> is a melodrama of a love story about a man and woman who each has heart-broken past of their first-love when they were 15 years old.

Yuchun Park is taking the role of ‘Jeong Woo Han’, a cheerful and cool police detective at serious crime squad, chases criminals so wildly but still has such longing for one woman in his heart.

Yuchun’s performance in acting has already been proven with previous dramas and he will do his best to give viewers a good performance with his solid skills and popularity that entertain viewers of all generations”, added C-JeS Entertainment.

The one of most influential Korean-wave stars had his acting debut in <SKK Scandal> in 2010, and had great career through <Miss Ripley> and <Rooftop Prince> which made his performance recognised in the area as well as had mass popular appeal.

Source:  Nate

Translated by : Dedicatee

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