Joo Won, The Responsibility of being a “One Top” Actor..Even when he’s hurt, he will continue with the filming.

Through Bridal Mask, Joo Won has taken a huge step as an actor. Regarding this drama, following Baker King and Ojakgyo Brothers, everyone harbored expectations and also concerns towards the rising lead actor Joo Won. Using his passion and hard work, Joo Won changed the thinking of those people. Today, we meet up with the actor who played the Japanese Occupation period hero Lee Kangto-Joo Won.
It has already been one week since Bridal Mask ended. Resting for the first time in 6 months, how will Joo Won pass his time?
“I planned to rest at home; there are also fan meetings, autograph sessions and other activities for me to attend. I haven’t been able to watch TV, the most I watch 1N2D. For the longest time, I had been so busy working. Suddenly, when I have a break, I actually am at a loss of what to do.”
Filming from hot summer and ending in cool autumn. This being your first lead role in a drama, there must be pressure. How do you feel now that filming has ended?
“It feels like I am running and running, then abruptly coming to a stop. After we ended filming in the afternoon at 4pm, I suddenly feel totally blank. Originally, I thought I would feel relaxed. On the contrary, I felt sad. At the filming set, I held back my tears, only when I reached home, I cried it out. It was like being shot by a gun in the chest, ‘bang’ the dam burst and tears flowed. “

Braving the heat, lack of sleep and fatigue, out of these 3, which was the most difficult?

“Compare to not having enough time to sleep, the most painful is not having the time to read the script. Because there are many lines that I have to process, so once I step into the filming set, I need to be in intense concentration, this is very important. Due to not having sleep, my ability to deliver the lines properly was greatly affected, I didn’t really eat much and my face became swollen.”
Being the lead actor, what is the heaviest responsibility?
“Even though you are very tired, you cannot show it. Even though you are in pain, you cannot say it. When I tore my ligament, I couldn’t even go to the hospital. Even though there was time to visit the hospital, I could not leave the film set. My body got slightly swollen and it became such that I could not clench my fist properly. Even though it was like this, I will try my best not to show it.
Starring in 3 dramas, all of which hit home run. Is it largely due to luck or real ability?
“I think it’s luck. No matter how passionate you are, if you have no luck, it won’t do either. Of course, my passion is no joking matter. My only strong points are physical power and passion. It’s actually not acting skill; it’s more of passion and energy that’s drawn by passion, hahaha.”
In the drama, mother, elder brother Lee Kangsan and Mok Dan all died in the end. Acting aside, it must be painful when those actor/actress who act alongside you died.

When Shin Hyun Joon and Song Ok Sook left, it was the most heartbreaking cry. The two persons whom I relied on the most all left, so I felt terrible. When Kim Eung Soo teacher who acted as Chief Kono left, I was also very unwilling. In the last episode, even Jin Se Yeon and Park Ki Woong Hyung left, I was complaining “Why did everyone die?””
In the drama, when you got married with Jin Se Yeon, how did you feel?
On the wedding day, I was really happy, that day Jin Se Yeon was also very pretty. The two of us were still playing, taking pictures of ourselves and having fun. However it was temporary (as Mok Dan got shot). Looking at Mok Dan, I was thinking “These days, can you find such a woman?”
Compared to your consistent acting ability, you are actually being labeled on the set as the “aegyo baby” What is your real personality?
“Because the character was having a difficult time, so whenever I had the opportunity, I would aeygo on the film set. Actually, I love skinship, among the actor, Han Chae Ah noon was the most receptive of my aegyoness. When I was naughty to her, her reactions were the most interesting.
For your next drama, what will you like to act in?
“I am currently looking at movie and drama scripts. Up till now, I have been acting in roles where the age is older than my own, characters that are very strong, sincere and serious. In the future I will want to act in a sweet and beautiful story. A romantic comedy or like “Snow Queen” type of drama will be nice. I really wish to act in a romantic drama where I could cry and laugh heartily.
Chinese translation: 由米35
English translation: mrdimples@soompi
Source: SBS E!

via: Joowonies Pyong


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