[Interview] Joo Won: Bridal Mask To Me Was Also A Risky Project

“Gaksital will never forgive you!” “Mom**Biong!”

Possessing two types of charm, Joo Won entered the hearts of the viewers. In KBS’ Bridal Mask, as the national hero, he displayed charisma, in variery show Happy Sunday – 1N2D killing people with his shy smile and aegyo, he has firmly captured the hearts of fans.

Debuting in 2010 Baker King, in a span of 2 years, he climbed to the top. Acting in weekend drama Ojakgyo Brothers and the latest drama that just ended – Bridal Mask and also the currently airing national variety show 1N2D, he has become the Star of this era. I wanted to meet with the national hero, the son of the nation and the national star Joo Won. 185cm tall, face the size of a palm with exquisite features, he looks just like a matured youth. eNews sees Joo Won’s honesty and sincerity.

After the drama finished, how have you been spending your time?

“Now, I still feel very empty. Recently, I have been attending interviews, fan meetings and autograph events.”

Do you feel your popularity?

“When I am out, I am not too sure. But at the autograph session, I felt it. About 3,000 people came, it was then that I felt loved by so many people. Previously, my fans are mostly in their 20s. Now, there many children, junior, middle and high school students, it’s like I have become an idol(laughs). Little kids will shout “Gaksital!”(laughs).

This drama and those previous ones, all had very good ratings.

“Ratings Man is a title that makes me feel a little burdened. It was because the script was meaningful, luck was good. I don’t feel that it’s because of me that the drama is good.  If its’ like this and the next drama, the ratings are not good(laughs)”

Bridal Mask comparing to other dramas, seems to have more special meaning

“Production company and broadcast station also took the challenge. I too had to take the risk. The most worrisome is not the competing dramas but that I took on the main lead. A massive amount was invested in the project and there were many excellent actors, if it didn’t turn out well, it must be my fault, I will seriously think this way. The stress was no joking matter, so I had to work even harder.”

You worked every hard in preparation, can you give some specific examples?

“Initially, it was difficult to grasp the character. In order to let the audience understand the underlying meaning, in the beginning, the foundation must be done well. So it was very difficult. There were also many Action. In order to be realistic, when fighting martial arts I had to use a lot of strength. Before Kangto wore the bridal mask, I also had to prepare a lot.”

Initially, the casting was difficult?

“Actually a lot of Hallyu stars rejected to take a role in this drama, I also found out after I started production. I simply wanted based my decision on the piece of work and the character. The script was great, the scenes were also spectacular. Kangto is a character who many abilities, yet he was so pitiful, it’s a role that will invoke a lot of sympathy. The piece of work and the character were all very attractive, actually I didn’t think of any other factors.”

That’s why you are called the Patriotic Actor

“Although I am very thankful, I cannot say that other actor do no love their country. Every time when I hear this, I will feel the stress and shy about having chosen this piece of work.”

In Bridal Mask, the change in the character was not easy. Between XX and Patriot, the change was very difficult.

“Personally I felt that the time taken to change to become patriotic(Kangto) was too short. Why did he want to wear the Bridal Mask? Why did he want to become a patriot? I put a lot of effort to make it look legitimate. After I wear the Bridal Mask, I also had to hide my identity. To express my grievances, the struggle to live, it was very hard and complex.”

Angry scenes must be done in order to leave as strong impression.

“Usually I won’t get angry, all the more I will not lose my temper in front of the camera. The pressure was tremendous. Especially when this type of acting will leave the audience a bit of a burden, it make me agonized. However, if you think too much, you will not be able to grasp the character well. Thus, I was determined not to worry too much about these. I have asked the director, did I over act the angry parts. But he said it doesn’t matter so I also did not care about it and went ahead to express without restrain(laughs).”

The most regrettable part.

“They were many. Important scenes I was very focused. But because I was physically exhausted and I did not sleep well, so there were some scenes where I did not take note of the details. I feel I could have done even better, it was regrettable.”

Crying scenes made the audience cry with you. In actual fact, just love to cry. In Ojakgyo Brothers, tears poured in torrents.

“I didn’t cry well, it seemed a little strang(laughs). When I was supposed to cry I didn’t cry. Like when Shi Yoon got hurt in Baker King, why did I have to cry? (laughs). When I was watching the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” I also cried. Reporter, do you think there were any scenes in that movie that will make people cry?(laughs). Everyone did not cry, only me when I watched the part where the main actor gave up his Golden Ticket for his family member, I cried.”

Older women in their 40s and 50s also love Joo Won

“No matter what, it seems like Baker King and Ojakgyo Brothers left them with an impression. Also in 1N2D, a lot of elders like to watch. But grandpas and grandmas also love 1N2D”

Now there is a feeling of youth.

“I like the sensibility of a child. To put it nicer, being simple is also able to help an actor. If you can demonstrate being like a child, it is also very good. You can say like a clean slate. (laughs)

Compared to Jin Se Yeon who played your love interest, you seemed to have even deeper feelings for Park Ki Woong

“Hyung is a very kind person. The first time I met hyung, we already did ‘skinship’, we also shook hands, it felt a bit imposing. (laughs). In filming the drama, the 2 of us had to stay up every night. I started filming from the 1st March and Hyung started in April. When he saw me, he asked how did I perseverve. Because we could relate to each other, we became very close.”

After Bridal Mask filming ended, what changed the most?

“Needless to say, it was acting skills. However, even more important than this is the attitude one must possess as the main actor. In times like this, I really feel that the sunbaes are really fantastic. Even in pain, even when tired, even when sensitive, even when it’s tough, they still control it and exhibit a cheerful side, possessing the ability to lead. Tae Woong Hyung has ever praised me for having the ability to lead. After Bridal Mask was completed, I had a lot of thoughts. I am also determined to do better the next time.”

This time, after the drama finished, you received a lot of CFs.

(Asked the manager) “Did I earn a lot of money?(laughs) Because I earned a lot, I thought of buying a house. Imagine the sun shining in, closing your eyes, how happy I would be(laughs). Although, the house at which I stay with my parents is also good, but I want to buy a 3-storey house. With my parents, me and my hyung, living together like this. Although my sister-in-law won’t like it(laughs)”

1N2D maknae Joo Won vs Bridal Mask Joo Won, which is the real you?

“The real me is 1N2D. I love to aegyo with my hyungs. But with younger brothers and sisters, I am especially good at acting as an adult. (laughs)”

Very good at acting like a child.

“When I was young, my mother always grumbled she had no daughter. I didn’t want to keep hearing this so from young, I will act like a daughter(laughs). Cooking together with mom, washing the dishes, also become closer in this way. But no matter what, a son still cannot be like a daughter(laughs).”

How do you normally relieve stress?

Although there is stress, there is no way to relieve it. I cannot drink, only drink iced coffee(laughs). Just quietly let time take the stress away.

Ideal Type

“I like cheerful, kind people. Like a bear. Because I hate calculative (or is it manipulative?) type, once the other party “push and pull” I will immediately break up. A girl like Mok Dan is hard to find. Throughout her life, she only thought of the boy who gave her the knife. In reality, there won’t be such a woman. I like the simple, pure type. Difference in age does not matter. “

Roles that you will like to try

“Till now, all those role that I have acted in are older than my actual age. More serious, sincere characters. Hope to try a character who is sweet, no need to bleed, a character in the 20s.”

The ambition of an actor.

Just like now, being able to learn a lot of things from the work will be good. Growing bit by bit with each acting project, I want to be become a humane actor, not to be too ambitious.

Chinese translations: minidadalove from baidu

English translations: mrdimples@soompi

via 1 Night 2 Days


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