Questionaires: Joo Won

Translation by ctfrsgp from Chinese @ Baidu

  1. Best character I have potrayed so far: Lee Kangto
  2. Happiest time during filming: Ojakgyo Brother
  3. Must apply these during daily skincare routine: Toner, essence & lotion
  4. Average time taken for a bath: 40 mins
  5. First drink: High School 1st year
  6. Actress whom I have worked with & have most memorable experience: JSY (Jin Se Yeon)
  7. Member in 1N2D whom I am closest to: UTW (Uhm Tae Woong)
  8. Favorite song to sing in karaoke: Thinking of you/Missing you
  9. Song that I have been practising recently: Take out
  10. Greatest opponent: Myself
  11. Nickname: (not translated in chinese)
  12. Favorite in Girls’ Generation: Yuna
  13. Most wanted to buy now: House
  14. Limit for alcohol: 1 glass of soju
  15. Happiest moment in a day: Enjoy delicious food
  16. My advantage as an actor: Passion & stamina
  17. Best feature on my face: Eyes
  18. Favorite actors: Al Pacino & Johnny Depp
  19. Most difficult times in my life: During filming of Bridal Mask
  20. Most recent kiss: 2-3 weeks ago

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