Joo Won: Director asked “Why Did You Cry So Much?



Acting in only 3 productions, quickly becoming ratings main actor. At the same time, he carved his name rightfully on the 10 billion won mega KBS2 TV drama “Bridal Mask”. Debuting as a musi

cal actor, through Baker King and Ojaygkyo Brothers, he rapidly rose to be on the list of lead actors. 

Joo Won’s growth is amazing. Although during the initial filming of Baker King, he suffered censures, he gradually improved his deficiencies and finally with fine acting skills, he secure the prized seat of the weekend drama throne.

Bridal Mask, I Believe This is A Good Drama

Bridal Mask and MBC “I Do I DO”, SBS “Ghost had a show of strength. Compared to these competing dramas, that the actors are lesser known is undeniable. However, starting broadcast from the 30th May, among the 3 dramas, making the record for the highest ratings, is the counterstrike by the maknaes, starting off the topic of success.

Bridal Mask seems to have became a hot topic. Before I decided to take the role, I read up to episode 4 of the script, the gorgeous scenes amazed me. Lee Kangto is a multi-talented, multi-skilled and multi-faceted character. The pieced of work(of the drama) is the focus, that it succeeded is within expectations.

Although I did think of achieving certain levels of success but at the same time, it came with the tremendous stress. Becoming the main lead of a 10 billion won production, the pressures is expected. Joo Won said: “If the drama did not receive good response, I will feel it’s my responsibility.” He revealed his huge burden in his heart. 

“It was not because of the competitors but because I took on the main lead that caused me to shoulder this great burden. Before filming Bridal Mask, I did not prepare any experience as a main lead therefore the pressure was huge.(laughs). It was already a heavy responsibility being the lead actor, add to that was the huge amount of money that was poured into this production. Fortunately there was such a good script and so many fine actors. If the response is not good, I will feel it’s my fault so I set my heart that I must do well.

This stress was all changed into keen motivation. Regardless that the burden was huge, but instead of feeling stressed, might as well turn it into a determination to perform better and spur myself.

Although there was burden, but the burden did not become stress. I feel that there is no avoiding responsibility, all this must be experienced. Unknowingly feeling the stress, it will wipe out the good mood on the film set. That’s why because of the burdensome feeling, I was able to go all out and perform.

At the set of Bridal mask, tears flew, Director asked “ Why do you cry to this state?

In Bridal Mask, Lee Kangto’s tears never dried. His father sacrificed in the Independence movement, yet he had to show loyalty to the Imperial Japanese in order to live. To be able to catch Bridal Mask, he had to be brutal. Yet when he finally caught him, it was his brother Lee Kangsan.

That was still not the end of Kangto’s problems. Carrying the name of Imperial Japanese mutt, his family’s remains were even destroyed by his people. Kangto’s mother was killed by Shunji’s brother, Kenji. In the end, Kangto himself killed Bridal Mask. 

After he became Bridal Mask, crying scenes continue. Becoming enemies with his closest friend Shunji; his love Mok Dan killed by Shunji’s shot. Under these circumstances, Joo Won’s tears could not stop flowing interrupting the filming. At the same time, acting opposite him, Park Ki Woong was also unable to stop crying.

“Was even scolded by Yoon Sung Shik saying : Why are you two crying like this?” “I feel that although Kangto and Shunji are enemies, even as we stand off each other, we have to show feelings of friendship. Because of this, as we acted, the emotions just culminated. In the final scene, Shunji and Kangto drank together, my tears just burst. How did Shunji and Kangto reached this state…it’s really heartbreaking.”

Bridal Mask is a magnificent action and rich in emotion production. The demand it exacts on acting skills is much higher than a typical drama. Act evil, cry your heart out, chasing and running for your life. Joo Won also expressed: “From the perspective of emotions, it’s really difficult”

“It was like the drama’s crying scenes were very long. After the emotional scenes were over, there were many times I still continue to cry. After getting the signal “OK”, I was still unable to stop crying. Only when I finished crying the remaining tears and wiped them dry, then I could move on to a new feeling. Bridal Mask 2? It’s good but Shunji and Mok Dan are no longer around, only I and Hong Joo are left. Haha”

Chinese translation: 由米35

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: mydaily

via: Joowonies Pyong


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