[Interview] Jin Se Yeon feels Joo Won is better than Joo Ji Hoon


Please share your thoughts on Bridal Mask

JSY: Haha, although it was rather embarrassing, because of Bridal Mask, I grew more matured. Joo Won Oppa, Ki Woong Oppa, Chae Ah unni all took very good care of me, the youngest, that’s why Mok Dan is fulfilled. Though Mok Dan has a lot of burdens, my fans protected me and gave me warmth, thus I could do my best in the filming. One day, Kangto played a trick on me, that gave me an idea and slapped his stomach. Actually I was inwardly concerned but Joo Won Oppa could take it in stride, that’s why we can become closer.

How do you feel about Joo Won?

JSY: Totally a child. Although older than me by 6 years, but feels like he is a younger than me by 6 years younger brother, feel like protecting him. I am like a Noona, treating Oppa as the maknae, I am really sorry. However, once we are into filming, I always admired how he can change totally from his usual self.  I see what Joo Won Oppa’ acting can really do. Once filming ends, immediately he turns into the cute child Joo Won, his ever changing looks are really unbelievable.

This might be an out dated question. What’s your ideal type of man?

JSY: I don’t have any special criteria. A man who is himself? A man whom I can straightforwardly be close to.

If Joo Won and Joo Ji Hoon stand in front of you, who will you choose?

(Without hesitation) JSY: Joo Won Oppa! Although I am very apologetic towards Ji Hoon oppa, but I am very close to Joo Won, feel comfortable. While we were filming Bridal Mask, we resonate in many areas. Joo Won Oppa likes girls who are straightforward and without thinking too much. Although I am young, but I’m mature, I also have a frank nature, so we could get close easily and film together very well. Ah, I am very sorry. Of course, Ji Hoon oppa is also very handsome but still there’s a bit of awkwardness and embarrassment. So, I still feel Joo Won Oppa is better.

In the future, if you have the chance to act with any of the Bridal Mask actors?

JSY: Totally honored. Not just from Joo Won Oppa, Ki Wong Oppa, also Chae Ah Unni, XXX etc sunbaes I learnt a lot on acting. Hopefully one day I will be able to work again with the cast of Bridal Mask.

What’s next after Five Fingers?

JSY: I have not acted in a romantic comedy or as a bad person. I will like to try even if it’s a supporting role, it can be an important one.


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