As Bridal Mask, My Patriotism Grew Stronger

After Joo Won continued from Baker King and Ojakgyo Brothers, he has hit 3 consecutively.

Putting on the mask and instantly changing the stance, his selection of work has been very fortunate.

“My luck seems to be very good. Not only acting but I also learnt a lot about history. Bearing in my mind, I remember the sufferings of my people, my patriotism also grew stronger. I really feel that this country is so worthy of my love.”

On the 17th, in the brunt of the typhoon and rain, I met with Joo Won. After Bridal Mask, he changed his style, with his hair permed and wearing a shy smile with his dimples, he returned to the 25 year old youth

However he has not shed off the burden of being the lead actor. On that day, Joo Won seemed to bear the weight of the sky, making one feel that he was a bit tired. Living as a Korean hero in Imperial Japanaese occupation. KBS’s Bridal Mask had ended on the 6th with the highest viewership rating of 22.9%. Joo Won in Baker King, Ojakgyo Brothers to Bridal Mask, has consecutively achieved 3 hits. Rising to the top position of being the lead actor.

“A few days ago, at the fan signing event, I really had a big shock. So many people came, because the junior high school students were screaming, my eardrums almost burst. (laughs). There were even kindergarten kids. I really felt the popularity of Bridal Mask. It’s the first time, I am recognized by little children and received their love. It seems like man and woman, elderly and young, all loved Bridal Mask.”

Rising at a high speed, in his third drama, leading this era’s big production, perfectly taking on the drama’s role and fulfilling his job, he has even been named high ranking actor.

“It seems like if the script is good, the drama will naturally be good. My luck is good, I have consecutively picked 3 dramas with good scripts. Also, the soonbaes whom I worked with are very good. So I am very fortunate. I worry if this luck may change in the future.”

Deeply loyal to the Japanese, Lee Kangto after taking over the baton from his brother, wore the bridal mask. He led a dual life as a Japanese policeman and as Bridal Mask. Acting thus as Lee Kangto, he perfectly conveyed psychological inner turmoil, his tragic fate with his childhood love etc. In every turn, he executed highly difficult, charismatic action moves.

“Up to now, there is still remnants. Every day, it was very difficult, up to the last day of filming, I thought: “It just ends like this?” It does not seem real. Have been striving for so hard and suddenly it ended, I felt confused and lost. In the corner of my heart, I felt the emptiness.”

He had a many scenes in the drama, in the middle of it, he had to act 2 different roles with dual lives, he also spent a lot of effort on the action parts, all of which stretched him to his limits.

“I depended on my mental strength. Although there were a few times where I almost had to be sent to the hospital, if I were to collapse, that would be the end of the broadcast. So I tried very hard to hold on. At the end, it was as if I was using superhuman strength to act. In that state, I was worried if I could memorise my lines and complete the shoot in time for broadcast. But once filming starts, I will immediately immerse into the scene. Although I had torn ligaments, I cannot show it. At the end of every episode I will be wearing a bandage, even then I still cannot complain.”

Regarding the dual lives of Lee Kangto, he expressed that “This is not humanly possible. In real life, it is definitely impossible.” He shook his head. “It’s too difficult. Have to fool the people(in the drama) and also the audience In the scenes with Shunji, every one of them made me distressed. Showing the distressed look became a subject of Lee Kangto. At the end, there were people who said I was super in deceitful acting.(laughs).”

Bridal Mask’s expression gives a strange feeling. Wearing the mask, exposing only the mouth and the eyes, it’s mysterious. Lee Kangto who appeared, only wearing a mask and was able to give the audience anticipation and excitement, making one’s heart throbbed.

“In the beginning I even felt like changing the mask, it felt strange” Will I be able to wear this mask and yet able act out my emotions? I had this worry. But the mask fitted my face and in the later period, the mask became part of my face, it became very suited to it. The instant I put on the mask, my shoulders and my arms had the strength, the body reacted naturally to the stance of Bridal Mask.”

“Honestly speaking, I was very afraid of being hurt. There were already many action scenes. Although in action genre, I will have my own stunt double, I did a lot of parts myself. Also the stunt double was shorter than me, so all the important close shots were done by me. The continuous filming required a lot of energy, I also naturally learnt the essentials of martial arts. There was one scene that was shot over 3 days, in the end where did the action part go? I thought a lot. But when I watched an action scene that was filmed this way, I felt fulfilled.”

Joo Won acted as Lee Kangto who had a sad family past and shouldered a heavy burden. It was very pitiful and sad. Acting as a childhood friends turned enemies, Ki Woong Hyung also gave me a lot of help. Hyung’s facial expression changes in the later episodes shocked me. It was the same when we were not filming. His immersion into his character was frightening. An actor who can convey this type of vibe is able to play the role very well. Hyung’s reaction was especially good.

Appearing as a hero in Bridal Mask, he has never failed to appear on variety show Happy Sunday-1N2D. Because of this, he stayed close to the viewers’ hearts.

“1N2D is really very good. No matter how hard it is, I will go for 1N2D filming, it’s very enjoyable. All my tiredness will be dissipated. Just looking at the hyungs, I will laugh very hard. I wasn’t able to be funny and bring laughter, I feel apologetic. (Laughs) So, no matter what hyungs asked me to do, I will use my best efforts to do so. Hyungs always cheer for Bridal Mask.

After completing a big production of a period drama, he now wants to attempt a piece that will be closer to his own image. I want to try acting sweet and caring or romantic comedy. As long as I would not need to shed blood for the time being, it will be good (laughs). After resting a while, I hope to embark immediately on my new project.

Source: Yonhap News

Chinese translation by minidadalove on baidu

via: 1 Night 2 Days


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