Joo Won and Bridal Mask’s burden

In several Bridal Mask’s behind the scene photos , Joo Won always looked smile and cozied up with his co-stars. Turned out, he was handling a big burden during filming as drama’s leading man.

During his interview with Osen on September 17, Joo Won said ,”Actually, it’s a big burden for me. I was afraid with SBS’ dramaGhost which aired in the same time with Bridal Mask. Of course, Bridal Mask wasn’t made by me alone. But, although other actors were great and the script was interesting, if the drama failed, I thought that all the blame would go to me”.

Joo Won continued ,” So, it became my daily habit every morning after the drama’s aired to check the rating. I tried to make working condition as great as possible. The drama is quite long, it’s full of hard-work. But, because I wished drama’s success, I tried to talk and laugh more to cheer up shooting set”.

Joo Won then continued with smile ,” I learned the mindset of leading actor from this drama. Even though the work is very harsh, leading actor should not fall down. All staff gave me big help and made a good teamwork. So, I was in high spirit as well”.

Now, after Bridal Mask ended with great result, Joo Won is busy with CFs, interview and photo shoot. And as Bridal Mask brought Joo Won as a reliable leading man, he’s receiving a lot of new drama’s offer.

Source : Stoo / Koreanvibe

via: 1 Night 2 Days


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