1n2d brief recaps


Going to post a recap for the one that aired tonight since it has been 6 months since they’ve been on the air. I can’t believe they’ve been on that long. Plus I am so proud of JW for not missing any filming during his drama. Winter is coming so I can’t wait to see how these guys do in the snow. Something tells me they wont do so well if they go to boot camp in a blizzard. Some of my favorite episodes of 1n2d happened during the winter cuz there is nothing like watching full grown men cry from the cold when they have to jump into an icy pond, ocean, or stream.


It was a fun episode thank goodness, but JW got very few closeups. That last scene is the reason why I am doing this – JM, SK, and SW made me die laughing.

E259 on 9-16

For the opening all the guys took turns speaking with country accents like old people. JW’s line was how fun it’s going to be.

SG mentions how SK finally ended up on the news a lot this week. I have no idea what it’s for thought cuz it’s written on the screen. SG mentions how everyone was worried cuz they heard JM hurt his leg cuz of the typhoon but JM clarified he didnt get hurt cuz of it – it was during the typhoon- all he did was slip and fall so that’s how he hurt his leg but it’s all better now. SG also mentioned how SW had surgery but it was for his neck. cuz he couldnt turn his head even. it looks ok now though.  Bird PD asked them to do one simple quiz for chocolate guess what’s nearby that there are only 103 of-they guessed stuff like schools, homes, etc but JM’s guess was the funniest cuz he said old people. SW’s guess was correct – I dont know the name of it but those pagoda looking things all over the place.

there are 5 locations with missions and if they succeed they put in their team’s flag. it ends at 1:30 and team with most flags wins. the teams were split between the ones who do well and the ones who dont do well. TW says right away “what is that? then I am on the team that doesnt do well.” PD says out of all the games they played, if they think they did well then stand on the right side. TW laughs and TH tells him to come over here. TW said I did one well. he moves to the left.  since TW, SW, and TH lose a lot they ended up together. even bird PD says I think you stood in the right places. so everyone laughs. SW starts to complain and asks for one member to be switched so they have a chance. also when PD says how the winning team can eat anything they want and it will be delivered to them. SW gets mad cuz PD said that looking at SG’s team so SW wants him to say that to their team as well. TW yells then let’s not do it and just give it to them then. what’s the point in doing this for 4 hrs.  bird PD ends up apologizing to SW’s team. the losing team has to pick 1,000 peppers each so 3,000 total.

red flag is SG’s team and blue flag is TW’s team. the teams are allowed to leave one location and come back to another location to attempt to win that mission so they can switch out the flags. JW points out there is no way to know who planted the most flags. so they have to keep going around to all 5 spots.  SG asks in the middle of it if they can gather together here and let each other know. SG asks TW to do the 1n2d yell and he is all shy so he keeps messing up.

in the car TH’s team talk about how they arent good at games. SW: it’s upsetting when we lose since we lose often I’m getting used to it. the PD waiting there is the one SW doesnt like so be careful of him. i have to get revenge. what is the game here? SG’s team follows TW’s team and watches from the wall. the game is to do rock paper scissors minus one. TW’s team is really good at this game and gets their flag in without a problem. as they leave, TH wonders how they came so fast. this is ours. SG’s team doesnt do well at first and almost loses but JM finally wins for them.

in the next one, one person at the end has to use their body to motion to get their team to yell out the word they saw written on the card behind them. like charades except when the answer is correct one of them  has to jump over hurdles to be the next one to do the charade. TH’s team skips this one for now.

TH’s team gets to the jump rope one. they each toss the dice to see what body part they need to hold onto as they jump ten times. the hardest body part is ankles so you dont want that one. TH’s team doesnt make the first try so they do it again. two got ankles so they cant jump even once.

next location for SG’s team is drinking some weird tea. it’s supposed to be really bitter. they do rock paper scissors to see who has to drink last and SK loses. JW sticks his finger in it to taste and makes a face. SG jokes if you water this on the grass the grass will die. SG starts to drink and lies if you drink a lot it’s ok. JM keeps talking about loyalty so JW says “hyung i know your heart” and SK says “JM you are spitting into it so just hurry and drink it.” JW says he will drink it in one shot and almost finishes it. SG says my eyes are watering – where is the peppermint candy. after JW drinks SG tells him to endure the bitterness that will come up in a bit. SK drinks the rest. they put in their flag.

TH’s team finally complete the jump roping. as they leave SG’s team sees them so they go do the jump roping next. they dont make the first try cuz SK cant see anything. they end up winning this cuz they hold onto SK’s ears. JW waves the flag around and sticks it in.

TW’s team has to drink that tea. TH jokes: what did I do that was so wrong to drink this much poison. I will drink it in one shot. SW asks if it’s edible so TH shakes his head no. TW cant drink so they fail. TH and SW yell at him cuz they both drank so what was the point then. SW: why do we always lose. TW: then do you think I spit it out cuz I wanted to lose? SW: we are on one side. TW: I just couldnt drink it.

SG’s team goes to do the charade and hurdles. they notice there is no flag here. SK is at the end so SG says you have to use your body to talk. dont worry about your image. SK motions elephant so his team guesses correctly and JW takes off running. since both of them have long legs they are super fast switching places. SG guesses short track speed skating correctly so he takes off running. SG motions grandma and grandpa –  and JM guessed it right. JW takes off running and says but it wasnt me. they tell him to run again anyway. JW motions riding horses but they guessed Psy (korean rapper) first and then the correct answer so SK runs again. last one. they get hoola hoop correct so they get their flag in. they dont think the other team can do this cuz they cant run and arent in shape for sports.

SG’s team gets to the next spot where they have to do kungkungta. which is taking the last syllable to make up the first syllable of the next word the next person in line has to say. they have to do this without mistakes for 60secs. some of the words they used over and over is gaksital, drama, insadong, mic, etc. then they use people’s names.  JW messed up just once I think, but SK and JM messed up a lot. mostly JM is the one who keeps messing up so they waste a lot of time here.

SW’s team goes back and wins rock paper scissors again cuz SW kicks butt at this. they go to the next one but SG’s team is still doing their mission. SG’s team fails so they decide to come here first after they gather together again

all 7 meet at the starting point. both team share what they decided to eat. PD says before he tells them how many flags there are for each team they have something to do. JW complains “again?” PD says it’s a chance to switch flags. at first both teams say they dont want to switch but then SW says we want to switch. PD says they have to win the game first. it’s to hit some folded paper really hard and make it turn over. SW, JW, and TW fail but JM makes it. then SG makes it. SG’s team decides to not to switch. PD tells them where the flags are. SG’s team thinks they are going to win and discuss what to eat.

in the car, SW thinks they have a chance still if they do the jump rope again.  TW thinks it’s better to drink poison than that tea. cuz you dont die but it’s bitter. SW reminds him how he said as he bungee jumped that he could do anything. so TW says it wasnt everything. they go back and SW says TW decided to drink that tea in one shot. TW: now I am angry. I didnt even get to get married still. wait this is a lot more than before. SW agrees it is. TW does it this time. TH says you can do anything. TW makes a face. as they switch flags and run off TW complains he is full.

SG’s team goes back to finish what they started. this time they practice and add stuff like bald, dongdaemun, lee hori, audio, radio, smelly feet, bird’s leg, lee su geun. we can do this. they do really well but JM messes up again. it was so close. they go again. JM messes up again. then SK messes up. SG: are you guys not going to focus? let’s go pick peppers.  SG argues we only have 33 mins so let’s go do the next thing. it’s not possible to do this. SK keeps saying we have to do this and go. if we did this much and only did up to 15 seconds then it’s not possible

TW makes a face in the car and yells out “it’s so bitter!”

they go and do the jump rope again. TH has to grab both ankles and they dont even jump once. SW gets ankle again. they do well this time cuz TH is jumping on one foot.  TH tosses the other team’s flag and SW says just break that.

SW says we have to win for the audience to like it. what’s wrong with the team that doesnt do well-did they do games well from birth. TW laughs like crazy.

SG’s team is still going and SK messes up. JW says we can throw this place away. let’s hurry and go. JM tells him to focus as SK recites the words again. they start again and JM gets it so they make it. SG says the other team cant do this even if they die.

SW says if the other team succeed why cant we. they go to do the hurdles. they get the words right and each take turns running. they say it’s easy. blue team is 4 and red team is 1 at this point

SG’s team decides to do the tea and jump rope. SK offers to drink. each one of those other ones took ten mins but Kungkungta is too hard for the other team to succeed. TH decides to plan out what they say in advance so they plan to say BBB, rooftop, chick, lee sori, lee su geun etc.

JW runs ahead and tells them they have to drink the tea cuz the blue team’s flag is here. JM starts and only drinks a bit. SG offers to drink some. SK finishes the rest. JW kicks the other flag away and puts in theirs.

TW’s team goes and TW messed up right away. he keeps messing up and says I’m sorry.

SK’s team goes to jump rope. SK: dont get ankles. they get ankle. SK offers to jump on one foot. they fail. they go again and this time they make it. they run off cuz they have 13 mins

TW’s team is still trying and SW messed up. SW lies we didnt plan this in advance. SW messed up again so TH tells him again cuz TH is the only one who hasnt messed up

SG’s says it took us 30 mins to do koongkoongta. SK figures out we have been following their tail. they see the other team’s flag and does the hurdles again. JW offers to go start. he gets jump rope. SK runs next. SK gets frog so SG runs. SG gets ballet right away so JW runs again. he has a hard time with morning cuz they guess other things. SK runs again cuz one is left. they dont show if what SK motioned is correct. they also dont show if TW’s team did well. their best so far was 41 secs though.

they gather again and SG says whoever wins we are going to eat $1,000 worth cuz we did that much. (meaning they earned that). bird PD says winning team can go directly to basecamp to eat and rest. losing team has to go right away to pick peppers. TH thinks they might have a chance to win this. they all talk about which ones they went too so TH thinks we can win. bird PD says the jump rope and TH and SW say that’s ours we cant give that. SG’s team wins. the rock paper scissors TW’s team got that one. koongkoongta goes to TW’s team cuz what they didnt show – last word was when TH said “bond girl.” for the quiz one that SK tried to get they got that. so now it’s 2 and 2 and last one SG’s team won that so JW kicks both his legs together to the side from joy twice.

TW tells them to eat deliciously. the losing team wins. the winning team orders a lot of chinese food.  noodles, etc and an extra big plate of sweet and sour pork. JW uses his aegyo voice to say aunt (emo) please give us a lot mother (ulmoni). I dont know why he said both words aunt and mother but he did. normally you would say aunt so the woman feels younger.

they go inside and look at their basecamp and say how pretty it is. SG points out how this place was made without nails.

the losing team eats extra rice saying we have to eat when there is food. PD says what SW first said when he was on the show – that he has picky taste so SW says normally I do.

SG’s team pigs out. then they nap. SW says every time he comes out to film 1n2d he learns a now skill.  TW’s team picks 3,000 peppers.

they sit around and SG says students – the friends who dont get along hit each other and say what they dont like about the other person. so they decide to do that with pillows. JM and SK go first since they are the same age. what they wanted to say all this time.  SK asks if JM thought of something – he says no – let’s just say what has been in our hearts.

SG tells them to say what they wanted. JM: I dont have anything that bad but you get mad for real. he hits SK. JM: over this you really cant get mad. SK: JM is fun but i wish he would speak correctly. he hits JM. JM agrees I dont pronounce the right way. SK asks: if we do this then do we get along? JM: during the program dont speak so seriously. this is a variety program. got that? dont be serious. he hits SK again. TH is dying of laughter saying what is this. SK: the name of the program is real variety so even if it’s 95% variety at least 5% is left so take it seriously. got it? he hits JM. JM: you said 5%? you just think it’s for real. he hits SK again. TH goes out against JM. TH: you said 5% a while ago? that’s all good but you talk too much. he hits JM. JM: you are right. in a variety program if there is no talk and it’s cut off that’s the end of variety. he lightly hits TH on the head. TH: ok talking a lot is ok but talking too much about unnecessary things is not good. JM: that is probably true. TH: that’s probably true? he hits JM. TH: you knew? JM is at a loss for words so TH asks: there is nothing huh? should I bring SK out again? SW comes out against JM. SW tells him to speak honestly. lay it all out. JM: you are too manly. so you’ll end up like me. JM doesnt know where to hit him. SW asks if JM is allowed to glare as he hits. JM asks him – you didnt get your nose done right? SW: I didnt. JM hits him on the nose. SW: JM to be honest often when I am with my friends and you call, your name pops out – it’s embarrassing. he hits JM. SW: you know i like you normally but when you text me stop putting “Xs” you put two – not one. you even put it on “sleep well.” SW tells him how JM spelled some words wrong too. SW: if you have anything to say say it. JM: hyung when I see you I just dont like how you stare. can I hit you? he hits SW.  SW hits him again for his spelling errors. JM: hyung long time ago you were really good looking but now your face got old. he hits SW on the chin. TW goes crazy kicking his legs in the air from laughing so hard.  SW says I love you a lot and hits him hard. while all this was going on the guys in the back were laughing really hard.


preview is some kind of army camp obstacle course where they have to do drills and stuff wearing ajumma pants

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