Gaksital’s farewell party photos released!


Recently, an article titled “Gaksital farewell party photos” has appeared on the internet. This was the farewell party held on 6th September where the production team and cast were present.
In particular, the photo showing Joo Won, Jin Se Yeon, Park Ki Woong and Han Chae Ah shouting “Man Se” together and cutting the cake received much attention. Joo Won’s hand was bandaged and Park Ki Woong, who has been dieting for the role, was so skinny that it was hard to recognise him.
The production team and cast took a photo together and the netizen who published the photos said “Today (6th September) filming ended at about 4pm and the farewell party was held at night. Park Ki Woong’s plaster, Joo won’s bandage…Joo Won sprained his hand at the start of the drama and now he’s bandaged it…hope he gets well soon.”
To this, several netizens have responded. “I got to know actor Park Ki Woong again.” “Jin Se Yeon is so happy go lucky” “Where is Kimura Taro, Konno and Dong Nyun Ahjumma?” “This is a show that will be forgotten for a long while.”
Chinese translation by minidadalove @ baidu
English translation by mojobobo @ soompi
via: Joowonies Pyong

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