“Gaksital” ends filming, puts a gag order on the finale – “It will be an unforgettable ending”

With 2 more episodes before the drama concludes, Gaksital’s producers have ordered a gag order on the ending of the drama.

KBS’ spokesperson for Gaksital, knowing that everyone is extremely curious about the ending, has refrained from saying too much about the ending of the drama in today’s Newsen interview.

The spokesperson said “The production team doesn’t want the ending of the drama to be leaked, hence the gag order. It is an ending that the audience will not be able to forget. You will definitely not be disappointed. It will be worth the wait.” adding to the air of mystery surrounding the drama’s finale.

In other news, AGB’s report showed that Gaksital’s broadcast on 30 August achieved the nationwide highest ratings of 21.4%. This was 1% more than the 20.4% received by the drama on the 25th Episode aired on 29 August, rewriting its own highest record. Despite competition fro other dramas, Gaksital managed to keep its top spot.

In the last episode, Lee Kangto and Kimura Taro, the last surviving person of the group that killed his father, began their showdown, causing viewers to reach the height of their anxiety and nervousness.

As Gaksital draws to a close, will it be able to receive continued attention just like it has always been receiving since the start of the drama?

Chinese translation credits to minidadalove @ baidu.
English translation by mojobobo @ soompi

via: Joowonies Pyong


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