Moon Jun Won or Lee Kangto – Joo Won’s split personality that makes peoples’ hair stand


On the 3rd, an article titled “Joo Won’s split personality that makes peoples’ hair stand. 2 Days 1 Night Joo Won vs Gaksital Joo Won.” appeared on a social network. The contents of the article showed Mangae Joo Won in 2 Days 1 Night and drama Gaksital charismatic Joo Won. Both appearances were starkly different and this article received the highest number of hits.

The article was also accompanied with a collage of photos comparing the starkly different images of Joo Won. 2 Day 1 Night’s Joo Won showed an honest, bright smile. Although he is the mangae and always shows aegyo to his hyungs, he still manages to have the steady presence of an Ace.

On the other hand, Gaksital’s main, Lee Kangto’s charismatic gaze captivated the audience. Joo Won, who wholeheartedly threw himself into the role, received much praise after the drama started broadcasting.

In variety shows and in dramas, Joo Won’s two starkly different images have lead to fans jokingly state “I suspect he really has a split personality.”

Netizens who saw the article also commented “I’m falling deeper and deeper into Joo Won’s charms,” “Wholeheartedly throwing himself into his work and working hard, that image is very attractive,” “Acting via his gaze and eye is the best!” “I got to know Joo Won all over again.” “Joo Won who loves to show aegyo, kind and polite, his acting skills are also the best!” “Just one Gaksital image allows him to change his appearance totally. What a serious worker he is.” “I was Joo Won’s fan started from Baker King!” “He can be so different in variety and in his drama??” these showed the great response of netizens.

Joo Won debuted in 2006 through the musical “Altar Boyz”. In 2010, he took the role of Gu Ma Jun in Baker King and left a deep impression on the audience. Thereafter, Joo Won took on the lead role in Ojakyo Brothers. Now concurrently appearing in 2 Days 1 Night and Gaksital, his ability to change his image so quickly showed his different charms and allowed him to captivate the hearts of fans.

Credits for Chinese Translation to Baidu.

Engtrans: mrdimples

via: Joowonies Pyong


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