Joo Won successfully bursts through the scenes with drama Gaksital

Through the drama Gaksital, Joo Won has managed to continue his success. Participating in the drama that has broken 20% viewership and in national variety show 1 Night 2 days, blue chip Joo won continues to rise in value.

Joo Won’s spokesperson said that CF, musical, recording invitations have been coming in waves. Already the spokesperson for outdoor gear, clothes, food and coffee, now even snacks, other fashion brands, drinks and all kinds of CF invitations are pouring in.

Even though Gaksital has yet to complete filming, Joo Won, whose acting skills and charisma have received recognition, continues to receive endless invitations to take part in various productions. Most importantly, Joo won’s superior singing ability has attracted the attention of recording companies. Joo Won has shown his marketability and ability with his latest OST “Love and again Love” ranking number 1 on the search engine.

Joo Won’s popularity is also reflected on the internet and there was a “Do you like Joo Won in 1 Night 2 Days or in Gaksital” poll. It is very rare to have the same person being polled against himself for two different images. The poll results showed that there was not much difference.

Gaksital’s CP said “Joo Won managed to prove the fact that he is the industry bluechip through this drama. I believe that whatever script comes his way, he will always gain good appraisals. I believe that he is the best among actors in the 20s agegroup.”

Chinese translation credits baidu
English translations by mojobobo at soompi

via: Joowonies Pyong


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