Han Chae Ah reveals that Joo Won is her ideal type for a boyfriend.

Who is the Ideal Boyfriend? Han Chae Ah chooses Joo Won

South Korean Star Han Chae Ah and Yang Dong Kuen co-starred in Korean Drama Hero which will be shown on 3rd September. In the show, acting as the fiery, passionate female inspector Han Chae Ah undergoes special preparation for the action drama.

Han Chae Ah expresses that through filming the action drama “Hero” , she is able to display her new side to the audience. In the drama, the gunfights were particularly unforgettable for her, during the filming, she accidentally got hurt. She said “That day, the weather was very cold. Before filming started, I forgot to warm up my body, causing my thigh muscle to tear. I had to rest 3 days before resuming the filming.” Now if there is an opportunity, she will like to try comedy.

At the present, filming “Bridal Mask” together with Joo Won, she was asked to choose between Joo Won and Yang Dong Guen as her ideal boyfriend. She said: “This question is very hard to answer, they are both very good actors, if I really have to choose……………..I will choose Joo Won”
Source: News Entertainment

via: Joowonies Pyong


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