Movie Week Issue No. 544: 13 Irreplaceable Young Male Actors – Park Yoochun

[Rooftop Prince]Even if I shout or kick, I don’t feel relieved. After seeing your face, I now realise. I have been missing you all day. I like you.” The scene of a sudden love confession with straightforward lines that is without any embellishment collided with Park Yoochun’s tears and produced synergy.

With the improvement of TV’s picture quality, more people are talking about the scar on my face. I feel it’s because my acting have not succeeded in attracting attention. In order to use my acting to cover everything up, I have to work much harder. If there is an opportunity, I must challenge a play or a movie.” – 2012 June “Sports Chosun”

Park Yoochun: Compelling Sensibility

The essence of an actor lies in the “ability to empathise”. Only when the actor’s character empathises with his circumstances can the audience feel a sense of resonance. In this aspect, (I) feel that Park Yoochun possesses an inborn natural ability. Beginning from Dong Bang Shin Ki era, the member to be in control of the stage’s emotion is undoubtedly Park Yoochun. Despite being neither a main vocal nor being responsible for the parts of splendid high notes or dance, he knows how to deliver the emotional depth of a song. Such an ability of Park Yoochun is extended to his dramas. When his debut work as an actor, drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” aired, not once did (I) hear that his acting was awkward, perhaps, it was a result of (his ability). Normally, when the idol stars who rely on the power of brilliantlighting and makeup land themselves in TV dramas, there will be a sense of incompetency. However, Park Yoochun is different. Instead, the more his face was rid of makeup, the more dazzling he was. As a male actor, not only does he possess fine (body) lines, and a gentle and soft image, he also possess ordinariness of a “regular man”. This is a realm reached by forsaking his “flower-like good looks” and “idol star” background for digesting his roles without embellishment. While on stage, he is one of the rare few idol singers who is not good at “over-action”. Thus, his actions or expressions, although a little hesitant, are not thoughtless and exaggerated. Then, on his face, surfaces an exquisite display of distress or nervousness. These, when in a drama, becomes the “stablisers” of a character. It is an invaluable talent. Also, this talent as compared to on a TV image, would be more effectively exhibited through a big screen.

From “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” to “Miss Ripley” and “Rooftop Prince”, Park Yoochun successfully maintained this exquisite realm. (He) did not exchange a few projects for “skills”, but was desperately protecting his own exclusive “sensibility”. Thus, his acting becomes more natural, and the public becomes more acceptive of him as a “good actor”. Somewhat surprising, is that, he still does not have a movie under his filmography. Although he clearly has many scripts waiting for his decision, according to a company personnel, his next project would likely still be a drama. Park Yoochun is considering appearing with Son Yejin in the drama “Miss You” (MBC, projected broadcast in October), both of whom are hot candidates for the leading roles. If he appears in this drama, he shall receive from the internally strong (T/N: internal strength here refers descriptively to Son Yejin’s strong acting foundation) Son Yejin new forms of stimulation. Not a bad choice. Although we will see him on the TV in the short run, the movie industry will never again leave him alone.

Written by Kim Hyun Min reporter

Ctrans by 抬头有片天 / Etrans by  maettugi

Scans by nudo_JYJ & Cho1064

Shared by 6002Sky

Full list of male actors listed: Kim Soohyun, Kim Jaejoong^, Park Yoochun, Song Joongki, Yoo Seungho, Yoo Ah In, Lee Minki, Lee Minho, Lee Seunggi, Lee Jaehoon, Jang Geunsuk, Joo Won, and Choi Seunghyun


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