Joo Won’s popularity in Japan has risen despite starring in Bridal Mask. Why?

Joo Won’s popularity in Japan has risen despite starring in Bridal Mask. Why?.

KBS’s Bridal Mask actor Joo Won has attracted a lot of attention concerning his rise in popularity in Japan.

Acting in a drama whose background is set in Imperial Japan’s occupation of Korea, Joo won’s popularity in Japan rose instead, this meaning is significant. Joo Won acting as Lee Kangto in Bridal Mask has received unanimously good reviews. Initially this drama attracted attention due to the rejection by Korean Hallyu stars. Finally, Joo Won, Park Ki Woong, Jin Se Yeon, Han Chae Ah and other actors who share the same conviction are cast, becoming a hot topic. Specially Joo Won who possessed amazing acting skills but does not seek after Hallyu fame and popularity. He accepted the role and received many positive criticisms.

The most amusing thing is that despite joining the drama under such condition, Joo Won’s popularity in Japan rose significantly. Joo Won’s official spokeman also revealed that after Joo Won started acting in Bridal Mask, Joo Won quickly become more well known in Japan, his fans has also risen many folds. A representative from Bridal Mask has recently expressed in Osen that Joo Won relied on his acting skills, and those Japanese fans whose reactions were originally thought to be adverse against Korea, continuously increased instead. Although some people worry that productions which are anti-Japanese in nature will affect overseas activities, those Japanese fans who can separate the drama and appreciate Joo Won’s acting and star appeal instead, support and encourage him.

In fact through SNS, those Japanese fans have continuously given welcoming messages. The fans in Fan Care has also increased tremendously, the mood is exceptional. Even the Japanese local media has expressed a lot of care and concern for Joo Won and hope that they can invite him for interviews.

A related source from the station expressed that if an actor focused on his acting ability, and displays excellent quality acting skills in a good production, this is the answer. Recently, kdramas, KPOP and celebrities have received good response in Asia, Joo Won has surely and verily stepped into the ranks of Hallyu stars.

Source: TV Daily
Translated into chinese on baidu: minidadalove


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