Video Collection of Joowon Singing

Frees MV

Cover of SS501’s Because I’m Stupid (Boys Over Flowers OST)

Musical Career

Altar Boyz (2007)

Grease (Korean Version-2008)

Those Magic Changes

(I know it’s the same song but I still want to include this one here. He sure knows how to charm the audience)

Spring Awakening (2009)

TV Acting Career

Baker King Kim Tak Gu (2010)

(OST) My Love

TV  Shows Guesting for Baker King

Ojakgyo Family (2011)

You Raise Me Up

Bridal Mask (2012)

Judgement Day (OST)

Variety Programme, Two Days One Night (1N2D)

Snow Flower

Shabang Shabang (Trot Song)


That’s it for now. If anyone knows or has a link/copy of videos of Joowon that you think should be included here, please tell me. And also, I’ve been looking everywhere for a video of Joowon on his Spring Awakening (live) musical but found nothing. The American version of that musical contains nudity and I’m really curious how it was presented to the Korean people, whom I observed, are a conservative lot.

I don’t own these videos. I just found it on Youtube. Enjoy watching ^_^


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