[Spoiler] Park Ki-woong takes off the “Bridal Mask”



“Bridal Mask” Joo Won’s secret life was revealed and an intense 10 minutes was aired.

On the twenty-second episode of KBS 2TV drama “Bridal Mask”, Kang-to’s (Joo Won) mask came off. Although he was sure it was Kang-to, Shunji (Park Ki-woong) only speculated without evidence but finally he took off the mask.

With the help of Seon-hwa (Son Yeo-eun) from the circus, Kang-to who met Yang-baek (Kim Myeong-gon) and Dong-jin and took over the case of saving reporter Son, who was arrested by Murayama (Kim Myeong-soo). Son is a reporter for the Chosun Joongang Daily and Dong-jin’s advisor and Dong-jin revealed that he will stick with Yang once Son was rescued. The east all-or-nothing association was going to move forward but Kang-to said he would do it.

Luckily, the rescue was easy. The independence movement who were with Yang rescued Son who was being moved. However, Shunji was there. Despite Hong-joo’s (Han Chae-ah) denial that the Bridal Mask was the same person, Shunji insisted that she was lying and bought over chairman Ueno (Jeon Gook-hwan) as well as borrow the strength of Ginpei (Bruce Kan). Ginpei was a dancer who even Kang-to couldn’t control.

Once out of Ginpei’s hands, Kang-to was so worn out he couldn’t grasp the iron pipe. The person to appear when he passed out was none other than Shunji. Already, Shunji was watching his every move. Hesitant but eventually, he removed the mask to reveal Kang-to. Shunji watched him with a disgusted face at the end of the 22nd episode

The editing of the drama was so well done it was called the ‘edit of the devil’. The active spread-out of the story has people asking more for it and more.

Source : http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c… ( English )

English source: http://www.hancinema.net/spoiler-park-ki-woong-takes-of-the-bridal-mask-46412.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

via: Joowonies Pyong


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