Han Chae Ah points Joowon out as the moodmaker on Bridal Mask



Han Chae Ah points Joowon out as the moodmaker on Bridal Mask
In Newsen interview, Han Chae Ah reveals that the actors & actresses get along very well during the filming. This was especially true when she acts opposite him in their conflicted loveline. She praised him for his personality and acting skills.
Han Chae Ah says even when the set is very busy and chaotic and the weather is very hot, Joowon, worthy of being the lead, treats every actor/actress and staff with utmost care and of course he will act very aegyo with her.
Differing from the cold sharp image, Joowon has displayed his cute side in many shows. Han Chae Ah also adds that during the initial filming period, both parties were very shy and also felt uneasy. But Joowon will use his nasal voice and say “Noona, when are we meeting again?” in a very cute way. In fact, on Bridal Mask film set, the atmosphere is always very happy and harmonious. The actors and actresses also formed a deep bond with each other.
Han Chae Ah says not only Joowon but the rest of the cast and staff are all very good. Everyone supports each other, the drama cannot be not good.

Source: baidu

Engtrans: nakyung

via: Joowonies Pyong


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