‘Bridal Mask’ Han Chae Ah Begs With Tears To Joo Won “Stop Being The Bridal Mask”



Han Chae Ah begs with tears to Lee Kang To, to stop being the bridal mask.

On the 21st episode of the KBS 2TV Wednesday Thursday drama, ‘Bridal Mask’ that aired on August 15th, Ueno Rie(Han Chae Ah) was ordered to kill the bridal mask, and she tried to convince Lee Kang To(Joo Won) to give up.

Ueno Rie knew that Lee Kang To was the bridal mask, and she shook while taking out the gun. She said, “Don’t let me regret letting you live.” Lee Kang To then replied, “You know who I am right?” Ueno Rie replied, “Why does it have to be you…why you…” and Lee Kang To made her faint.

Ueno Rie then lost the bridal mask, and Ueno Hideki (Jeon Gook Hwan) commanded, “Ueno Rie will catch the bridal mask.” Ueno Rie called to Lee Kang To and cried while saying, “I don’t want to kill you in my hands. If you give up, I will take this secret to my grave,” and asked him for this favor.

However, Lee Kang To said, “Even if I die, I can’t give up.” Ueno Rie replied, “Are you a fool? Do you want to die? You said even if there was a situation like 5 years ago, that you would save me. You didn’t kill me after I tried killing the girl you love. Doesn’t that mean that I’m in your heart, even the slightest bit?”

Lee Kang To replied, “You trouble me. You who are obsessed with succeed, success, and was obsessed with power, reminds me of myself in the past. You should think, if you are living as your father’s puppet. I believe that one day, you’ll make the right decision,” and asked her to change.

Source: http://en.koreaportal.com/articles/5201/20120816/han-chae-ah-begs-joo-won-to-stop-being-the-bridal-mask.htm


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