‘Bridal Mask’ Achieves Viewer Rating of 19.7%, When Will They Go Over 20%?



As the KBS drama ‘Bridal Mask’ is starting to come near to an end, it showed a rise in viewer ratings.

The episode of ‘Bridal Mask’ that was aired on the 16th of August achieved a viewer rating of 19.7% (according to AGB Neilson), making it the episode with the highest viewer ratings so far. At the same time, its competitions, MBC drama ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ achieved a viewer rating of 13.2% and SBS drama ‘To the Beautiful You’ achieved a vewer rating of 5.7%. As a result, many viewers are showing a lot of interest as they wonder whether ‘Bridal Mask’ will be able to achieve a viewer rating that is over 20%.

On the other hand, in this episode of ‘Bridal Mask,’ Shunji (played by Park Ki Woong) confirms that Lee Kang To (played by Joo Won) is the bridal mask and is astonished. Also, although Hong Joo (played by Han Chae Ah) knows that Lee Kang To is the bridal mask, she lies to Shunji, causing the love line with Mok Dan (played by Jin Se Yeon) even more complicated, causing much tension.

Source: http://en.koreaportal.com/articles/5233/20120817/bridal-mask-achieves-viewer-rating-of-19-7-when-will-they-go-over-20.htm

via: Joowonies Pyong


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