Interview with Movist: Part 2



Is there anything else worthy of praise?

No. If I really have to mention one….(thinking for a while) Ah! There seems to be one thing. I really learnt a lot of things, even if the sunbaes didn’t guide me personally, I will observe myself and learn a lot. Many people watch but they don’t learn anything. For me, when I watch the sunbaes, I will follow and learn many things.

Can you elaborate what you have learnt from your sunbae?

Uhm Tae Woong is very frank about his own shortcomings. During the filming, when he meets with difficulty for a particular scene, he will say “I cannot understand this part” Actually in front of the hoobae, to say these words are not easy. Those frank revelations, requesting for others help, is very wise. Filming is teamwork, requires many people to complete the job. Pretending to know everything is unnecessary. When I saw this, I felt very good. Sung Dong Il sunbae and Jung Tae sunbae placed a lot of emphasis on cohesiveness. Hyungs’ thinking is that “If the actor whom I am working with does well, I will be able to display my acting skills with ease.” So they are always able to lead the hoobaes.

(Just then, the manager brings the menu for Joowon who hasn’t had his dinner. Joowon’s aeygo answer was shocking). Why is Joowon so full of aegyo?

The manager answers: Joowon is naturally like this. Maybe because he is the maknae at home. His aegyo ways receives a lot of love from hyungs and noonas.

Do you also receive the same affection from dongsaengs?

No, I will change according to my position. In front of hyungs and noonas, I will be aegyo. But in front of dongsaengs, I will be matured.

Some people will purposely display a serious intimidating demeanour just because they are older, are you be like that?

I won’t. If you looked at those people, it must be really funny(laughs). When I am strict in front of my hoobaes, it is because I hope I will set an example for them. So, in Ojakgyo Brothers, Uie was very surprised. Uie is my junior in university. Towards juniors, we’ll often task them with the cleaning and have some control over them. Under this circumstance, Uie was initially very afraid of me. But when I am at the set, I am a totally different person, and gave her a shock. When she looked at how I was towards the sunbaes, she will say “ I didn’t know Oppa is such a person”

When you look at the mirror, how do you feel?

Hmm….should reduce more fats

What a crazy thing are you saying, where do you need to reduce?

Recently, someone asked me “When you look into the mirror, do you think you are handsome?” I am also human, there are many times I feel that I don’t look good. When I am at home and my hair is unkempt, when I wake up in the morning and my face is swollen, then when I look into the mirror “ Why is my face like this!” Frequently it happens. But I think it is an occupational hazard, that you want to present the best of yourself, that kind of thinking.

When you were looking at the menu, you don’t seem fussy about food

Because I want to eat more, I pay attention to what I eat. Cakes, Tiramisu, those things with butter, I won’t eat.

What are your favorite foods?

Sausages, ham…? Haha, that’s my taste. Vegetables and healthy foods, I don’t really like. I like it hot and sweet. My taste is like that of a child.

You are the maknae, what is it like with you and your hyung?

I have an older brother. I like my brother very much. There is a 5 year gap, hyung takes care of me very well. Not long ago, hyung got married. Everyone is envious of us brothers, we are very close, and we are always happy together and we share many fun and hilarious experiences.

Growing up in such a loving environment, and always getting what you wanted. I am curious, have you ever failed before or have a painful experience?

Compared to other people, I seem not to have any painful experience. Although we are not rich, I did not grow up in an environment that is not good, my parents showered me with a lot of love. Only thing is that when I got to high school and chose Arts, the fees was really too high. Normal fees is only 400,000 but the one I went to was 1,000,000. Although my parents could afford, I wanted to foot it myself. In the school performing club I was responsible for lighting, sound and production set etc, I received a scholarship. For university fees, although my parents could afford, because I took a study loan, I didn’t ask for allowance, I settle it all myself. It is not because of difficult circumstances that I had to work and earn money but I just thought that I should depend on my ability.

Waa. You are really worthy of your parents’ love

But I am often hurt because of some things said, even if it is a few words. I said just now that I give a lot of love but I also wish to receive the same. Hence, I seem to be especially hurt when it’s words said by people I liked.

Then you probably won’t hurt others, right?

Yes. To hurt other people, that’s what I hate most. If I feel that I have hurt someone, I will try no matter how to resolve. “Have you caused hurt to that person?” it will always stay in my guilty conscience. So if this thing happens, no matter what, I will definitely apologise.

Fans who adore musicals will usually be very loyal to the actor that they like for a long time. From your musical days there must be many fans who liked you.

Yes, even till now. During premieres, they will always come and support me, I am very thankful. I debut when I was 20. It’s already 5 years, for those fans who followed me from the beginning, I hope I will not disappoint them.

25 years old, you have already past half of the 20th generation(sorry my translation fail or maths fail), how do you feel?

Still like a child, need to learn, need to experience much much more, need to have ambition, it’s still a age where you are inadequate, inexperienced. I don’t feel it’s because I did well, that’s why I got to where I am. During this journey, realizing what my inadequacies are, that is the most important. Hence, I should not be arrogant just because I am good. 25 years old seems to be the age where I realize that I am inexperienced.

Eng trans: “mrdimples”
Chinese trans: baidu

English source: Gaksital’s Facebook

cr: Joowonies Pyong


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