Han Chae Ah interview with OSEN: “Joo Won is NG king”



On the 14th, HCA in Osen interview was asked which scene left her with the deepest impression.

HCA answered that it was where HongJoo discovered the bandage on Lee Kangto’s arm, staring at the wound. She continued that HongJoo had suspected that Lee Kangto is Gaksital and when she confirmed it, the feeling and emotions she has for this man she loves, plunged her into a turmoil. It was a very deep and emotional scene.

HCA also mentioned what had happened behind the scenes. Although, it was a heavy and serious scene which required her to bring forth a lot of emotions. She had many ‘NG’s because of Joo Won’s snoring. That day was also when South Korea beat United Kingdom in some Olympic football match(not sure if i got it right), but Joowon was oblivious and just slept so sweetly.

As the drama draws to a close, the actors and staff who had been working all this while are terribly exhausted. That includes Joo Won and Park Ki Woong. However, in order to deliver the right emotions and feeling in their roles, even when they have no scenes to shoot, they will practise their lines with each other. They work well together.

ENG TRANS: “mrdimples”

cr: Joowonies Pyong


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