Joo Won (주원) in a “Follow Me” interview

Translation by Softy on Cadence/ :
JW: I was really lucky and I thought I should work harder. I am really happy these days.

The two female costars from Baker King sit by each other and the short hair girl says about JW “even though he is my hoobae (younger than me), I always look up to him.” Then both women look up in the air (meaning they have to crane their neck to see JW cuz he is so tall and they are petite)

JW is asked a series of questions he must answer quickly. Q: do you have a girlfriend now? JW: no. Q: to be honest there are times when I look in the mirror and think I am good looking. JW: there are. Q: in school, when did you have the best grade point average. JW: 10th place (out of the class). Q: first kiss. JW: second year. (“go-yee” is high school right? Or is it college?). Then he is asked for girl group he listens to so he barely says SNSD before time runs out. Q: when you look at a girl, the first thing you look at is. JW: what I look at? eyes.

JW: there are so many good looking people so I don’t think when I look at myself “oh so impressive” and just think “I am this level.” He is asked which parent he looks like more so he says my mother. He is asked if she is beautiful so JW says: My mom is cute. JW talks about when he was a child. I was introverted so my parents wanted to change that personality so they sent me to do dramas in junior high so I could read the script on stage. I thought I should try it. It was really fun. For some reason the woman interviewing him sings with him but he breaks out his louder musical voice and drowns her out at the end.

JW: ever since I decided to become an actor — musical, drama, movie — I didn’t think to do any of those first separately. Through a sunbae’s (senior) introduction I got to do a musical audition and I got in so I started doing musicals.

JW: I do that when I perform or just normally, they tell me that my eyes have a variety of looks. (I cant hear well here but he lists Don Quixote and stuff) As an actor I get greedy towards them.

They talk about him in baker king and he says I am just glad people recognize me. Then I think he is asked what is the difference between doing dramas and theater. JW: Getting fatigued, not being able to sleep well, there were things like that. acting in front of the camera was awkward.

They show the scene where Eugene slapped him on the cheek repeatedly cuz of NGs. JW: truthfully, it was strange but it didn’t hurt. I got hit but I think cuz noona has experience (doing this) when she hit, it didn’t hurt. So I wondered why doesn’t it hurt me. Filming was so much fun so doing that stuff was fun.

Then they play the OST he sang for baker king. (Why couldn’t he sing something like this for Gaksital.) JW: it was the first time I did something like this alone. It was fun and after talking about it, my worries disappeared and it felt refreshing. Please look forward to JW and please have a lot of interest in me. Thank you.

cr: Joowonies Pyong


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