‘Bridal Mask’ Joo Won’s Funny Kiss Scene: “Isn’t It Manners to Close Your Eyes?”



On the 9th of August, KBS drama ‘Bridal Mask’ uploaded onto their home page a video along with the title, “The Gentleman Lee Kang To Who is Polite Even When Kissing?”

In the 19th episode of ‘Bridal Mask’ that was aired on the 8th, Lee Kang To (played by Joo Won) seduces Chae Hong Joo (played by Han Chae Ah) and kisses her on the cheek. Probably because they felt awkward, Joo Won and Han Chae Ah kept joking around and tried to make an up-beat atmosphere while filming.

In particular, during the scene, Joo Won closes his eyes while kissing Han Chae Ah. However, the staff tells him, “When you kiss her on the cheek don’t close your eyes.” Han Chae Ah then asks him, “Why do you close your eyes?” Joo Won replies, “It’s a habit. Isn’t it manners to close your eyes? I thought it was what’s polite,” making everyone burst into laughter.

After seeing the video, netizens’ responses include, “Kang To Joo Won is really attractive,” “Watching Joo Won touch Han Chae Ah’s head, I think he is really a friendly man,” “He is so polite even when he kisses,” “How is he so good looking? I feel so pleased just by looking at him.”

On the other hand, the 20th episode of ‘Bridal Mask’ achieved a record viewer rating of 19.5%.

source: Korea Portal

via: Joowonies Pyong


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